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Slyrs Destillerie Whisky

Slyrs Whisky Distillery in Schliersee, Bavaria, Germany, has made a big impact on whisky. It's a leader in German single malt whisky. This new category is gaining fame for its quality and new ideas.

History and Foundation

Florian Stetter founded Slyrs in 1999. Inspired by Scotland's whisky culture, he aimed to create a German whisky to rival Scotland's. He brought back Scottish whisky-making methods to Bavaria.

Location and Environment

Slyrs Distillery's location is key to its whisky's character. The pure Alpine water and Bavaria's warm summers and cold winters help mature the whisky. This gives Slyrs its unique taste.

The Whisky-Making Process

Slyrs follows traditional whisky-making practices with a Bavarian twist. They distil the whisky twice in pot stills and use local barley. The distillation process is very detailed.

Slyrs ages its whisky in different casks. They use ex-bourbon American oak barrels and experiment with new American white oak casks. This experimentation is part of Slyrs' uniqueness.

The Product Range

The distillery offers the Classic Single Malt, aged for three years. It has notes of fruit, vanilla, and spice. They also have aged expressions and cask finishes in port, sherry, and Sauternes casks.

Slyrs sometimes releases special editions and limited runs. These showcase the distillery's innovation with local peat, cask finishes, or longer ageing. Collectors and enthusiasts seek these out.

Slyrs Visitor Experience

The distillery is a destination for whisky fans. Visitors can tour the facilities and learn about whisky production. Tours end with a tasting session.

Awards and Recognition

Slyrs has won many awards. Their spirits have gained international recognition. This helps put German single malt whisky on the global stage.

Sustainability and Innovation

Slyrs is committed to sustainability. They use local ingredients and manage resources carefully.

Community and Cultural Impact

The brand has shaped German whisky's identity. It blends Scottish craftsmanship with German precision and local conditions.

Slyrs Whisky Distillery has created unique Bavarian single malt whiskies. They stand for tradition, quality, and innovation. Their contributions have redefined whisky. As they grow, Slyrs continues to be a leader in German whisky.

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