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Shortcross Gin distillery

Shortcross Gin is made at Rademon Estate Distillery, Northern Ireland’s first craft distillery. The estate is in Downpatrick, County Down. It offers a beautiful and historic setting for this premium gin. This shows the distillery's focus on origin and quality.

Shortcross Gin's story is about a love for distilling and the local area. Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong, a husband and wife team, make it. They wanted to create a classic gin that reminds them of Northern Ireland. They aimed to capture their historic estate's wild botanicals and spring water in each bottle.

The name 'Shortcross' comes from 'An Sceat', an old Irish coin. This reflects the brand's deep Irish roots. Shortcross Gin is full of local character. The botanicals are hand-picked from the estate and nearby. Traditional gin botanicals mix with local clover, elderflowers, elderberries, and wild Irish gorse. The gorse gives a unique coconut and vanilla smell.

They make this artisanal gin in small batches in a custom copper still. The distillery uses a special process. This includes slow distillation and a modern two-part column still. This lets the distillers pick only the purest spirit. This focus on detail makes a smooth gin with a balanced mix of botanicals.

The gin has a complex taste. It smells floral, like wildflowers on the estate. It tastes of juniper and citrus, followed by a spicy, peppery finish. This makes it refreshing and lasting. The gin is smooth. It is good neat, in a Gin & Tonic, or in cocktails.

The packaging of Shortcross Gin shows its artisanal quality. Each bottle has a detailed design of Rademon Estate's plants and animals. The label and presentation are as well-thought-out as the spirit inside. This often makes it a collectible or a thoughtful gift.

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