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Shooters Gin

Shooters Gin comes from the beautiful Cheshire countryside. This setting inspires the gin and contributes to its flavour with local botanicals. The gin is made with precision. It combines traditional gin-making with a careful choice of ingredients. This appeals to modern tastes. The gin balances bold and subtle flavours, making it popular among gin fans.

The name “Shooters” reflects the brand's ethos and origins. It refers to the local shooting community. The gin encourages enjoying the outdoors and the social aspect of shooting. It suits those who like tradition and modern touches.

Making the Gin

The gin is carefully made with quality botanicals. Each one adds to the gin's taste and smell. Juniper berries are key, as in all gins. Other botanicals include coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, and various citrus peels. These create the gin's signature taste. The right mix of botanicals makes a crisp, slightly spicy, and fragrant gin.

Gin Styles

The company respects the classic London Dry Gin style. This means a strong, juniper-led taste that has defined gins for ages. At the same time, it offers new and exciting flavours. Each sip brings changing tastes, from bright citrus to warm spice.

Shooters Gin is more than a drink. It represents a lifestyle and values. It's for those who enjoy peaceful moments outdoors. They value traditions that lead to modern methods. They look for quality and depth in their spirits. As Shooters Gin spreads worldwide, it brings Cheshire's countryside, careful making, and a spirit that blends old and new.

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