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Saint James

The Caribbean is famous for its blue waters, golden beaches, and perfect climate for growing sugarcane. This has led to some of the world's best rums. Saint James Rum Distillery stands out in the region for tradition, quality, and innovation.

Located in Martinique, a French overseas region, Saint James Distillery has a history dating back to 1765. This makes it one of the oldest rum producers in the area, with over 250 years of experience. The distillery is committed to making rums that appeal to traditionalists and modern drinkers.

Saint James rums have an "AOC" (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) status. This is similar to DOC wine regulations. It means all Saint James rum uses sugarcane from Martinique. This gives the rum a unique, local character.

The distillery uses a mix of old methods and modern techniques. They use column stills to extract the pure essence of sugarcane. The rum ages in oak barrels, gaining depth and complexity. Martinique's tropical climate adds unique flavours and aromas to Saint James rums.

The brand offers a wide range of rums. They have white rums for cocktails and aged rums that compare to top whiskies and cognacs. Their "Cuvée 1765" celebrates the distillery's founding year. They also have vintage rums that reflect specific harvest years.

Saint James Distillery is important in Martinique's culture. They welcome visitors to explore their sugarcane fields, fermentation tanks, and ageing cellars. Their annual "Saint James Day" on July 25th is a big event. Rum lovers from all over come to celebrate.

In short, Saint James Rum Distillery is more than a rum maker. It's a keeper of Caribbean heritage, a teller of Martinique's story, and a rum-making innovator. Each sip of their rum tells a story of centuries, showing the spirit, passion, and skill of the Caribbean.

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