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Hailing from Greece, Roots offers spirited liqueurs that perfectly encapsulate the nation's rich traditions in distillation and flavour creation.

The portfolio of Roots is diverse, with each product having its distinct place and purpose:

Rakomelo: A traditional Greek liqueur, Rakomelo is best enjoyed warm, straight off the stove, preferably with the enriching flavours of orange and clove. It captures the essence of traditional Greek hospitality, warming the body and soul.

Mastic: The flavour of Mastic is unmistakable and one-of-a-kind. Whether enjoyed straight up as a cold digestif shot or mixed with tonic and lemon for a refreshing long drink, Mastic offers a unique taste experience that lingers.

Kanela: Root's Kanela serves as a perfect digestif, especially when sipped neat after a long day or a hearty meal. Beyond its traditional consumption, Kanela's cinnamon essence makes it a delightful addition to signature cocktails, adding a touch of umami.

Diktamo: A versatile offering, Diktamo can be relished as a neat digestif or enjoyed over ice with a splash of tonic. Its complex profile ensures it appeals to a wide range of palates.

However, the innovation doesn't stop with traditional liqueurs. In a move that reflects the evolving tastes of consumers, Roots has introduced the "Roots Divino" range - non-alcoholic vermouths based on wine. This includes Roots Divino Bianco and Roots Divino Rosso, both with 0% alcohol volume. With these additions, Roots proudly becomes the first No & Low alcohol spirits family, expanding its reach to those who seek non-alcoholic alternatives without compromising on flavour.

To sum it up, Roots is more than a brand; it's an experience. Whether one is discovering the traditional flavours of Greece through its classic liqueurs or exploring the world of non-alcoholic vermouths, Roots offers a journey of taste and heritage that is truly unparalleled.

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