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Regal Rogue Vermouth

Regal Rogue is a herald of modern vermouth, infusing traditional European methodology with the rich vibrancy of Australian wine and native botanicals. Originating from Australia, Regal Rogue is an audacious take on the classic vermouth, offering a bold twist that's both aromatic and flavour-forward.

While traditional vermouths are herb-dominant, using a wine base to deliver their profile, Regal Rogue flips this paradigm. By emphasising the character of the premium Australian wine base, it gives prominence to the fruit and then pairs this with handpicked native botanicals to enhance the aromatics and flavours.

Each vermouth in the Regal Rogue collection has its own distinctive character, defined by the wine varietal at its heart and the curated blend of botanicals. For instance, some variants might use a bold Australian Shiraz, paired with native wattleseed and pepperberry, while others could employ a fragrant Semillon, accentuated with bush lemons and desert limes.

One of the standout features of Regal Rogue is its commitment to sustainably sourced ingredients. The brand takes pride in its relationships with indigenous communities for the harvesting of wild herbs and spices, ensuring that every bottle captures the authentic essence of the Australian landscape.

Perfect for contemporary aperitifs or classic cocktails, Regal Rogue Vermouths seamlessly merge the old-world charm of traditional vermouth with the new-world flair of Australian winemaking. The result is a range that's both familiar yet refreshingly innovative, ideal for those seeking to elevate their drinking experience.

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