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Pokeno, a region in New Zealand not known for whisky, is making a name with Pokeno Whisky. It lies between Auckland and Hamilton. The area's climate and location help create a special whisky.

Local craftsmen in Pokeno started the whisky using their natural resources. The area's mixed climate, with sea breezes and fresh inland air, is great for ageing whisky. This reminds some people of Scotland.

New Zealand is famous for wine, but its whisky is getting popular. Pokeno Whisky shows this growth. The distillery uses local grains and water. They oversee every step, from grain to glass.

Pokeno uses traditional distilling with copper pot stills. This slow process gets lots of flavour from the mash. The whisky ages in different casks, like ex-bourbon or wine barrels from New Zealand. This gives many flavours and smells to the whisky.

The whisky offers a range of flavours, from light and floral to rich and strong. This appeals to both new and experienced whisky drinkers.

The whisky is new in the global market, but it stands out. It shows New Zealand's skill in making top spirits, not just wine.

Pokeno Whisky reflects the region and New Zealand's growing spirits industry. As it gets more known globally, it highlights New Zealand's potential as a quality spirit maker.

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