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Niepoort is well-known for its excellence in the wine world. Its history dates back to the 19th century in Portugal's Douro Valley. The house is famous for its Port wines.

Historical Footprints

Niepoort started in 1842 by Franciscus Marius Niepoort, a Dutch merchant. At first, it was a Port wine shipper. The company had no land or vineyards. It worked with wine estates in the Douro region. For generations, Niepoort made Ports and became a leading wine house in the Douro Valley.

Tradition Meets Evolution

Tradition is key to Niepoort. Each generation keeps the knowledge and skill from the past. The Niepoort family combines respect for tradition with new ideas. Dirk Niepoort, who took over in the 1990s, is a good example. He respects tradition but also innovates. Under his lead, Niepoort started making red and white wines. Dirk saw the potential in old vineyards and the unique Douro Valley. He helped turn Niepoort into a winery that celebrates the whole region.

From Port to Table Wines

Niepoort is still famous for its Vintage Ports and Tawny Ports. But its table wines, like 'Redoma' and 'Batuta', are also admired. These wines show the unique Douro terroir with elegance and complexity.

The brand also focuses on biodynamic practices. It uses minimal intervention and highlights terroir-driven wines. This eco-friendly approach protects the land for future generations.

A Global Ambassador for Portuguese Wines

The company’s influence goes beyond Portugal. Its wines introduce Portuguese viticulture worldwide. The company also works in Austria and Spain. This shows its versatility and ability to adapt, keeping it relevant in the wine industry.

Niepoort has over 150 years of history. It blends past, present, and future. It shows how deep respect for tradition can mix with a spirit of innovation. Drinking Niepoort, whether Port or table wines, is a journey through time, terroir, and winemaking skill.

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