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Moon Harbour Whisky

Moon Harbour, a new whisky brand, stands out with its maritime name. Located in Bordeaux, France, the brand combines tradition with innovation. It links the charm of the sea with distillation.

Bordeaux is known for its wines, making it an unusual place for whisky-making. Yet, Moon Harbour uses the region's wine ageing skills and climate. The humid, maritime air and temperature changes in Bordeaux add unique traits to the whisky.

The brand focuses on local resources. They use local grains and barrels from Bordeaux's wine region for maturation. This ties the whisky to its local terroir. Each sip reflects the essence of Bordeaux, blending whisky craft with wine-making skills.

Moon Harbour's range shows innovation and respect for tradition. Their whiskies mature in Sauternes casks, red wine barrels, or traditional oak. This reflects their experimental approach. The wine influence is clear, with notes of dried fruits and wine-soaked oak. These whiskies appeal to both whisky lovers and wine enthusiasts.

Moon Harbour is more than a whisky brand. It celebrates Bordeaux's heritage. It combines whisky-making with Bordeaux's wine legacy. This gives a unique story to each dram. Moon Harbour shows that innovation and tradition can mix. It creates spirits that are evocative, rich, and distinctively Bordeaux.

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