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Mancino Vermouth

Mancino Vermouth is an artisan vermouth brand known for its craft vermouths. Vermouth is an aromatised wine, flavoured with botanicals, and varies from sweet to dry. It originated in Italy and is used as an aperitif and in cocktails like the Martini and Negroni.

Italian bartender Giancarlo Mancino created Mancino. He aimed to revive traditional vermouth recipes and methods. His passion for historical recipes led to vermouths made with Italian wines and up to 40 botanicals, including herbs and spices.

The production starts with selecting white wine. This base is fortified with a spirit to increase alcohol content. Botanicals are then soaked in the alcohol for several weeks. After this, the mixture ages in barrels or tanks to develop the flavours.

Mancino Vermouth has different types:

Mancino Bianco

This white vermouth is rich and slightly sweet. It includes botanicals like wormwood and elderflower. It's used in light cocktails or sipped alone.

Mancino Rosso

A red vermouth, more robust, with flavours like cinnamon and bitter orange. It's used in darker cocktails.

Mancino Secco

This dry vermouth is less sweet, with a sharper taste of lemon peel and juniper. It's great for dry Martinis.

Mancino Vecchio

An aged vermouth with added complexity from wood ageing. It's good for sipping or in sophisticated cocktails.

Mancino stands out for its flavour balance, making it popular with bartenders and enthusiasts. It reflects a trend towards modern craft interpretations of traditional spirits.

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