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Macaloney's Whisky

Macaloney's Distillery, in Victoria, British Columbia, is known for its spirits. They blend Scottish methods with Canada's natural resources. They focus on whisky, gin, and other spirits, ensuring quality and character.

Production Process

They use traditional Scottish pot stills. This shows their commitment to proven methods. Their spirits go through careful fermentation, distillation, and maturation. This ensures consistent, high-quality flavours.

Range of Products

Macaloney's offers a variety of spirits. They use traditional methods but also embrace innovation. By experimenting with grains, yeasts, and fermentation, they create diverse spirit profiles.

Ageing Process

Their whiskies are aged with patience. This is key to their character. They use American and European oak barrels. These add unique flavours and complexities. The maturation process follows Scottish whisky-making traditions but also includes unique touches.


Sustainability is important to Macaloney’s. They focus on reducing waste and increasing efficiency. This approach benefits the environment and the final product.


The spirits have won various awards. This recognition validates their methods and products. It also places them alongside well-known, global distilleries.

Macaloney's Distillery combines tradition and innovation. They are committed to sustainability and quality. With a range of products and many awards, they are dedicated to their craft.

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