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Lot 40 Whisky

Lot 40 is a Canadian whisky known for its rye heritage. It combines tradition with modern revival, highlighting Canadian rye whisky methods.

History and Heritage

Lot 40 dates back to the late 18th century. Michael Booth's ancestors first made rye whisky in Canada then. The name comes from the land where this distilling started. This shows the brand's link to its past.

Production and Process

Lot 40 uses 100% rye grain, known for its robust flavour. It is distilled in a single copper pot still. This method brings out a rich, full flavour. It's more work and makes less product than other methods, but it adds character and depth.

The recipe is simple, with quality rye for spicy and fruity notes. The water, critical in distilling, comes from Canada's wilderness. This gives Lot 40 its pure taste.

Maturation and Flavour Profile

After distillation, Lot 40 ages in new American oak barrels. This adds to its complexity. The barrels give it an amber colour and flavours like rye spice, caramel, vanilla, and toffee. The result is smooth with a peppery rye kick.

Awards and Recognition

The brand has won many awards for its quality and craftsmanship. These honours show its excellence in Canadian rye whisky.

The Revival of Canadian Rye Whisky

Recently, Lot 40 has led the revival of interest in rye whisky in Canada. The brand has reignited appreciation for this whisky type. By sticking to traditional Canadian rye methods, Lot 40 highlights the unique spicy flavours of rye.

Lot 40 in Mixology

The whisky is great neat or on the rocks and in cocktails. Its bold rye taste adds spice to classics like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan. It's popular with mixologists and cocktail fans.

Lot 40 celebrates the Canadian rye tradition. It connects Canada's rye whisky history with modern tastes. It honours the land, grain, and traditional methods that make Canadian rye whisky unique. Lot 40 is a standout for whisky connoisseurs and newcomers alike, embodying Canada's whisky heritage.

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Lot 40 Rye Whisky
70 cl / 43% ABV
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Lot 40 Dark Oak
70 cl / 48% ABV