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Lost Loch Spirits

Lost Loch Spirits is a distillery that manages to encapsulate the beauty and spirit of Scotland in its offerings. Situated in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, this distillery is surrounded by picturesque lochs, mountains, and forests.

Founded by Peter Dignan and Richard Pierce in 2017, the distillery is housed on the eastern shore of Loch Auchlossan. What sets Lost Loch Spirits apart is its commitment to local and sustainably sourced ingredients. From the botanicals in their gins to the grains in their spirits, there's a distinct nod to the region in every sip.

One of their most notable products is the "Haroosh" – a brambleberry and honey whisky liqueur. This liqueur's recipe is steeped in local tradition, making it a genuine representation of the region's flavours. Another standout offering is their "Murmichan", a Scottish absinthe that, while unexpected in a Scottish portfolio, is proof of the distillery's innovative spirit.

Lost Loch Spirits doesn’t limit itself to just one kind of spirit; their portfolio also includes a range of gins, each with its own unique profile. "eeNoo" gin, for instance, is a carefully crafted potion of juniper mixed with Royal Deeside honey, brambleberries, raspberries, and heather flowers – a true testament to the distillery's commitment to harnessing local flavours.

One cannot ignore the sustainable approach of the distillery. They are equipped with a modern muhle grinder and a 500-litre iStill, which are both energy-efficient. The distillery also makes an effort to be zero waste, reusing or recycling all by-products, which reflects a responsibility towards the environment that matches their dedication to quality.

In sum, Lost Loch Spirits is a beacon of modern Scottish distillation. By combining traditional flavours with innovative techniques and a sustainable ethos, they are crafting spirits that speak of the past, present, and future of the Scottish highlands

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