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The town of Linlithgow is historically significant in Scotland, particularly renowned for the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the majestic Linlithgow Palace. But when it comes to spirits, it's essential to note the evolving craft scene in the region.

Linlithgow Distillery is a testament to the burgeoning craft spirit movement in Scotland, particularly outside the traditional whisky circuit. Set against the scenic backdrop of West Lothian, this distillery combines local heritage with innovative distillation techniques to produce a range of distinctive gins.

Their gins often capture the essence of Linlithgow and its lush surroundings. By infusing locally-sourced botanicals, Linlithgow Distillery ensures that every sip offers a genuine taste of the region. Ingredients may range from traditional juniper to local herbs, fruits, and other botanicals that lend each gin its unique profile.

One of the hallmarks of boutique distilleries like Linlithgow is their commitment to sustainability and community. Utilising local resources, engaging with the community, and prioritising environmentally friendly practices have become pillars of their operation.

In recent years, Scottish gins have surged in popularity, both domestically and internationally. Distilleries like Linlithgow play a crucial role in this renaissance, showcasing the versatility and depth of flavours that Scotland's terroir can impart on spirits beyond just whisky. In essence, Linlithgow Distillery, with its range of gins, stands as a proud beacon of Scottish craft spirit innovation.

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