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Legendario Rum is from Cuba. It is a premium spirit known for its history and quality. It started in 1946. The brand represents Cuban heritage and rum-making.

The Distillation and Ageing Process

Legendario Rum uses the best sugarcane molasses from Cuba. They ferment it with special yeast. This makes a high-quality base for distillation. They distil the rum in column stills. This gives the rum a smooth character.

The rum ages in American oak barrels that were for bourbon. This happens in bodegas, traditional warehouses. The rum gets flavours of vanilla, caramel, and spice. It also gets a deep amber colour.

The Unique “Añejo & Fresh Grape Blend” Method

The company has a special “añejo & fresh grape blend” method. They mix aged rums with fresh grape juice. This gives the rum a sweet and fruity taste. It makes the rum different.

The Range

- Legendario Elixir de Cuba: A sweet rum liqueur with 34% ABV. It has flavours of raisins, chocolate, and tropical fruits.

- Legendario Añejo Blanco: A white rum aged for 4 years. It is good for cocktails. It is vibrant and aromatic.

- Legendario Añejo: An aged rum with a minimum of 9 years in barrels. It has notes of tobacco, leather, and dark chocolate. It is good neat or on the rocks.

- Legendario Dorado: A golden rum aged for 5 years. It has hints of honey, spices, and tropical fruits. It is good for sipping or in cocktails.

Cultural and Social Impact

Legendario Rum is a cultural icon in Cuba. It supports local artists, musicians, and communities. The distillery is a popular tourist spot. It teaches about rum-making.

Sustainability and Commitment to Quality

The brand focuses on sustainability. They try to be environmentally responsible. They reduce waste and save water and energy. They keep their quality and craftsmanship high.

Legendario Rum shows Cuban rum-making. It has a unique range of spirits. They capture the Caribbean's essence. Legendario Rum is known for its history, production process, and quality. It is good neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

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