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J.G Thomson & Co.

J.G. Thomson & Co. carries a name steeped in the rich history of Scotch whisky. With origins dating back to the 1700s, this brand was among the first merchants and purveyors of whisky, a testament to Scotland's long and storied tradition of distillation. The historical significance of J.G. Thomson & Co. is further cemented by its home in Leith, which now serves as the base for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, an institution dedicated to the appreciation of single malt whisky.

Leith, a vibrant port district of Edinburgh, has long been associated with the import and export of wine and spirits. It's fitting that a company with such a heritage would find its home here, in a place where the whisky trade has thrived for centuries. The latest incarnation of J.G. Thomson & Co., reinvigorated in 2021, both honours this history and brings a contemporary edge to its operations.

The relaunch of J.G. Thomson & Co. has introduced a fine range of independently bottled Scotch whiskies. These expressions showcase the company’s commitment to quality and its ability to select and bottle whiskies that offer depth, complexity, and a true taste of Scotland's distilling prowess. Each bottle from their range provides a unique narrative of flavour, from robust and peaty to smooth and mellow, catering to a spectrum of whisky enthusiasts.

J.G. Thomson & Co. has also expanded beyond the world of whisky. Their Citrus Dry Gin is a vibrant and contemporary spirit that balances juniper with an array of citrus notes, offering a refreshing and zesty experience that appeals to modern gin aficionados. It's a gin that reflects the company’s ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring relevance in today's diverse spirits market.

Their bold Jamaican Rum is another extension of their range, offering a robust flavour profile that conjures images of the Caribbean's sun-soaked plantations and rich history of rum production. This rum, with its full-bodied taste and rich character, stands as a testament to J.G. Thomson & Co.'s expertise in selecting and offering spirits that are both exceptional and expressive.

The revival of J.G. Thomson & Co. underlines a respect for tradition coupled with an enthusiasm for contemporary tastes and global influences. The brand, while rooted in the historic charm and prestige of Scotch whisky, is not confined by it. Instead, it embraces a global perspective that allows for a curated selection of spirits that resonate with a broad audience.

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