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Hrafn Gin

Hrafn Gin is a product of Raven Spirits Limited, a distillery that has carved out a niche for itself in the ever-evolving gin market. Hrafn (pronounced 'Ra-vn') is the Old Norse word for 'raven', a nod to both the brand's name and its Northern European inspirations.

Among the offerings from Hrafn Gin is the notable "Thought & Memory" gin. This particular variant stands out not just because of its name, taken from Norse mythology where two ravens named Thought and Memory fly across the world to bring news to the god Odin, but also due to its unique flavour profile. It's distilled using traditional gin botanicals, but with the addition of French winter black truffles, which provide an unusual depth and aromatic character. The truffles lend the gin an earthy undertone, setting it apart from many other gins on the market.

The distillery prides itself on its meticulous production process, ensuring each bottle offers consistency in taste and quality. Their method involves distilling the spirit in small batches, allowing for careful monitoring and quality control at every step.

In the competitive world of craft gins, Hrafn Gin, with its distinctive Norse branding and unique flavour profiles like "Thought & Memory", offers something different for enthusiasts looking to expand their gin horizons.

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