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Hitchhiker Rum

Hitchhiker Botanical Rums started during the Covid-19 lockdown. A design studio wanted to try something new. They went from designing spaces to making a unique rum. This wasn't just a product change. It was a team's journey into a new kind of crafting.

The idea came from a design team. They usually built spaces. They wanted to make something they could touch and taste. They aimed to create a modern brand. They also enjoyed the process.

Their goal was not to just join the market. They wanted to stand out. Hitchhiker did a lot of research and tastings. This was fun. They studied the market. The result was a collection of special rums.

The branding is unique. Each rum type has a creature or "hitchhiker" symbol. This represents where the rum's key ingredient comes from. Hitchhiker sees these creatures as important, not invasive. They show how even something small can have a big impact. This is like their rums' strong flavour profiles.

They offer several rums:

- The Sicilian Pine Botanical Rum: This has the smell of the Mediterranean.

- The Azorean Orange Blossom Botanical Rum: This captures the scent of the Azores.

- The Breton Sea Salt Botanical Rum: This has a touch of the Breton coast.

Hitchhiker Botanical Rums tell a story. They show the journey of their makers and the places they represent. They invite you to try a rum made with passion, uniqueness, and a focus on quality.

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