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Hedgepig Liqueurs

Hedgepig liqueurs, made by Ginmeister Distillery (home of Pinkster Gin), stand out in fruit liqueurs. They are known for their unique tastes and charity work. The brand has caught the attention of spirit fans and casual drinkers. They offer a delightful drink that is also responsibly made.

The Terroir

Hedgepig liqueurs start in the UK's green countryside. Here, local fruits that are often ignored get a new purpose. Hedgepig uses these fruits to make rich liqueurs. These have the taste of the British landscape. The range includes flavours from tart wild bullace and quince to sweet Cambridge Gage and raspberry.

The Process

Making these liqueurs needs patience and care. The fruits are soaked in gin. This slowly adds their natural taste to the spirit. Hedgepig takes a hands-on approach. They watch each batch closely. This ensures the right mix of sweet, tart, and warm tastes. The result is a rich texture and complex, layered flavours.


Hedgepig is committed to conservation. It focuses on protecting the British countryside, especially hedgehogs. They donate part of their profits to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. This link between the product and charity enriches the customer's experience. It also shows a commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility.

How to Enjoy

These liqueurs are versatile. They are great neat, especially after dinner. They also work well in cocktails. They add depth and character to different drinks, from summer spritzers to winter punches. Hedgepig brings a lush fruitiness that improves any drink.

Hedgepig liqueurs are more than just a nice drink. They represent quality, local sourcing, and a commitment to conservation. Each bottle offers local flavours and helps the countryside and hedgehogs. Drinking Hedgepig is a toast to nature's beauty and resilience.

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