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Fowey Valley

Fowey Valley, located in Cornwall, has carved a distinct niche in the world of beverages with its apple-centric offerings. Originating from cider-making, the distillery made the most of apples harvested from their longstanding orchards. Their cider became a testimony to the quality of their craftsmanship and the richness of their apple varieties.

However, Fowey Valley's innovation didn't stop at cider. Recognizing the versatility of apples, they expanded their repertoire to include spirits. This led to the production of apple-based eaux-de-vie and vodka, extending the reach of their apple produce into a broader market. Their continuous exploration in the world of apples also gave birth to an apple gin, further diversifying their portfolio.

A significant aspect of Fowey Valley's production is its commitment to sustainability. Situated in a region known for its natural beauty, the distillery ensures its operations remain environmentally-friendly, preserving the very land that nourishes their orchards. Their products not only reflect the essence of Cornwall but also resonate with the ethos of sustainable production.

In essence, Fowey Valley seamlessly blends traditional methods with innovative ideas, offering beverages that capture the essence of Cornwall's land and its bountiful apple orchards.

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