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Courtney's Drinks is a family business in Whimple, Devon. The Courtney family makes cider in this village known for its cider history. They work in Whiteways orchards, once famous for its Cyder apple trees.

The orchards are about a century old. They have many apple types chosen for great cider. The Courtneys are replacing old trees with traditional Devon ones. They now have over 450 trees. They don't use artificial sprays or fertilisers. Instead, they let nature help, with birds, bees, and sheep keeping the orchard healthy.

Their cider-making is careful and sustainable. They pick all the apples by hand and press them in the orchard. Leftover apple pulp goes to local farms as pig feed. This makes their operation waste-free. Their ciders have 100% fruit from their natural Devon orchard.

They also make the Exe Gin. It's a London Dry Gin with a smooth taste. It has 12 botanicals, including lemon peel, grapefruit, liquorice, and juniper. This gives it a mix of spicy and citrus flavours.

They created Grumblebee Honey Spiced Rum too. It's the first honey-spiced rum. It mixes Caribbean spiced rum with honey from their bees. It has tastes of citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel. This blend removes the harsh alcohol aftertaste.

The family also helps bees. They use honey from bees they've saved and moved to their orchard. These bees help their apple trees and the whole ecosystem. The Courtneys support these important pollinators. They enjoy the honey, which adds to their drinks' unique tastes.

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