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Château de Laubade

Château de Laubade, in Southwest France's Gascony region, is a top producer of Armagnac. Since 1870, it has been known for high-quality brandy. The estate is in the Bas-Armagnac region, famous for exceptional eaux-de-vie.

The estate covers 105 hectares with classic French architecture and vineyards. It controls all processes, from grape growing to ageing. This guarantees quality and distinct Armagnac flavours.

The estate grows various grapes like Ugni Blanc and Baco. Sustainable farming is key to their high-quality Armagnac. The grapes become a white wine, low in alcohol but high in acidity. This wine is then distilled using traditional column stills in winter.

The eaux-de-vie age in Gascony or Limousin oak barrels. The wood type, cask size, and ageing time are carefully chosen. This process can take years or decades, especially for the finest cuvées.

The house offers Armagnacs from young VSOP to complex vintage releases. Each bottle showcases the estate's commitment to quality. The flavours range from fruit and spice to floral and woody notes.

Château de Laubade's Armagnac is a reflection of the region's spirit. It is often enjoyed neat as a digestif. The estate also offers limited editions and rare vintages for connoisseurs and collectors.

With a dedication to excellence and tradition, the company has won international acclaim. It maintains Armagnac's heritage while innovating, ensuring each bottle reflects Gascony's spirit.

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