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Cenote Tequila

The Yucatán Peninsula's cenotes are underground freshwater pools. They form from collapsed limestone bedrock. These pools are clear and beautiful. They inspire Cenote Tequila, an ultra-premium drink. It honours the landscape and the ancient cultures that valued these pools.

Cenote Tequila is traditional. It combines agave spirit heritage with the Yucatán's unique geography. Made from 100% Agave Azul Tequilana Weber, it has a flavour of cooked agave with wood notes.

'Cenote' comes from a Mayan word meaning 'sacred well'. The Mayans deeply respected these water sources. They saw cenotes as more than wells. They were links to another realm and homes of gods like Chaac.

The tequila's special feature is its pure water. The water comes from an artesian well at the distillery near Jalisco's volcano. It is purified with reverse osmosis and carbon filters with silver ions. This gives the tequila a pure base.

Choosing the agave is careful. They use only mature plants, grown for 6-7 years in Jalisco's lowlands. A double pot still distillation process preserves their natural sugars and taste.

Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes is an expert in ageing. He uses American Oak barrels for all Cenote Tequilas. This shows his skill and a global approach to tequila making.

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