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Caliterra Wine

Caliterra Winery is located in Chile's top wine region. Here it combines quality, environmental care, and innovation in winemaking. Located in the Colchagua Valley, it has made great wines since the 1990s. The winery focuses on protecting the environment and capturing the unique qualities of the region's land.

The History

Caliterra Winery started in 1996. It was a partnership between the Mondavi and Viña Errázuriz families. They aimed to make quality Chilean wines and focus on sustainability. Whilst the Mondavi family left the project, the winery continues to value excellence and environmental care.

The Name

"Caliterra" blends 'calidad' (quality) and 'tierra' (land). This name shows the winery's commitment to high-quality wines that reflect the land. The Colchagua Valley is perfect for growing grapes. It has a Mediterranean climate and varied soils. Caliterra produces many reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere. They also make whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.


Sustainability is key at Caliterra. The winery uses organic farming, saves water, and controls pests naturally. It also focuses on energy efficiency and reducing waste. Caliterra was one of Chile's first wineries to earn the Certified Sustainable Wine status.

Winemaking Techniques

Caliterra mixes traditional and modern winemaking. Grapes are picked by hand for quality. The winery uses advanced technology for sorting, fermenting, and ageing wines. Its wines balance bold New World flavours with Old World elegance and complexity.

The winery also cares for its natural habitat. It has many native forests and works to protect them. This respect for nature is part of Caliterra's philosophy. They believe great wines come from a healthy environment.

Caliterra offers tours to visitors. These include walks in the vineyards, cellar visits, and wine tastings. They educate about sustainability and the Colchagua Valley. The winery also has 'vineyard adventure' tours with horseback riding.

Caliterra's wines have won international awards. They offer single-varietal wines and innovative blends. The winery is a leader in sustainable practices, quality, and innovation. It makes wines that honour the rich land and fresh air of its vineyards. As Caliterra looks to the future, it stays committed to making outstanding wines.

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