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Boadicea Gin

Boadicea Gin stands out in the growing gin market. It is named after Queen Boadicea, a warrior queen in history. The gin is elegant and strong, like Queen Boadicea. It mixes history with modern gin making.

Queen Boadicea was brave and led a rebellion against the Roman Empire in ancient Britain. She was strong and resilient. Boadicea Gin reflects these qualities. Its packaging and branding honour her legacy. It's not just gin, but a story in a bottle.

The gin uses carefully chosen botanicals. It has classic gin ingredients like juniper. But it also has unique ingredients for a distinct taste. Each sip is a mix of traditional and modern flavours. This makes it good for gin lovers and those who like new tastes.

The aroma is refreshing with herbal and citrus notes. The taste is balanced. It is not too heavy on juniper. Instead, it offers a mix of botanicals that add complexity and depth.

Boadicea Gin has several variants offering different flavours. There's a classic gin, a fruit-infused one, and more experimental options. There's a Boadicea gin for everyone.


Boann Distillery, an Irish family business, is known for "The Whistler" range. This range is famous for its quality and unique flavours. Located in County Meath, Ireland, Boann combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. This sets it apart in the Irish whiskey world.

"The Whistler" is known for its rich and complex flavours. It offers a taste of Irish whiskey's character. Boann uses old distillation techniques and modern methods. This ensures every sip of The Whistler reflects Irish heritage and purity.

Traditional malted barley, grown under Irish skies, is carefully distilled in Boann's copper pot stills. These stills, watched by expert distillers, give the range its smoothness and warmth. After distillation, the spirit matures in selected casks. Over the years, it absorbs stories from the wood and its surroundings.

The Whistler range has many types. Each one tells its own story of flavours, smells, and textures. There are young, lively whiskies and rich, aged ones. The brand offers a wide range of experiences. The casks, which held different spirits like sherry and bourbon, add layers of taste to the whisky.

Boann Distillery, through The Whistler, honours Ireland's whisky-making traditions. It also explores new paths, like inventive cask finishes. It creates a link between the old and the new.

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