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Bittered Sling Bitters

Bittered Sling is a renowned name in the world of cocktail bitters, carving out its niche in an industry where the balance between tradition and innovation is paramount. Founded by mixologist Lauren Mote and chef Jonathan Chovancek, Bittered Sling celebrates both the art and science behind flavour development, blending culinary expertise with mixological magic.

Rooted in Canada, the brand prides itself on utilising high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, a testament to its commitment to sustainability and authenticity. Each flavour profile developed by Bittered Sling is a reflection of its founders' in-depth understanding of the palate and their unwavering passion for the craft. From fruits, spices, to the more elusive botanicals, every extract is meticulously sourced, ensuring that the bitters do justice to the cocktails they enhance.

While many bitters brands have a long-standing history, Bittered Sling has made its mark in a relatively short time frame, a testament to the quality and uniqueness it brings to the table. It has garnered acclaim not just for the depth and variety of its flavours but also for its approach to storytelling. Each variant, be it Moondog, Grapefruit & Hops, or Kensington Dry Aromatic, tells a tale, evoking a sense of place, time, and memory.

For mixologists, both professional and amateur, Bittered Sling offers a symphony of flavours, opening up endless possibilities in the realm of cocktail creation. They aren’t just additives; they’re integral components that can transform a drink, shifting its dimensions and introducing new layers of complexity.

Moreover, the brand has always been at the forefront of educating its audience. Mote, with her vast experience in the beverage industry, often engages in workshops and seminars, sharing her knowledge and passion, thus making the world of bitters more accessible and intriguing to enthusiasts.

In essence, Bittered Sling encapsulates the spirit of modern mixology – it respects the old, embraces the new, and constantly pushes the boundaries of flavour. In a world where cocktails are not just drinks but experiences, Bittered Sling bitters stand as essential tools, enabling creators to paint vividly on the canvas of flavour.

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