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Bearface Whisky

Bearface Whisky, particularly the Bearface Triple Oak, is a leader in the whisky world. This Canadian single grain whisky captures the Canadian wilderness.

The Bearface Triple Oak has a complex ageing process. It starts in ex-bourbon American oak barrels for seven years. Then it moves to French oak that held red wine. Finally, it ages in virgin Hungarian oak. This process gives the whisky a unique flavour.

Under Andres Faustinelli, the Master Blender, the whisky evolves. American oak adds notes like honey and vanilla. French oak brings in dry fruit flavours. Hungarian oak, toasted in three ways, adds spices and a hint of smoke.

Bearface aims to be more than a unique whisky. They see themselves as a symbol of the wild Canadian North. They break traditions and encourage innovation. They collaborate with experts like oak scientists and mixologists.

The Location

The distillery is in the vast Canadian wilderness, or Bear Country. This area, with forests and mountains, influences the whisky's maturation.

Bearface uses "Elemental Ageing". They mature their oak casks in shipping containers exposed to Canada's extreme weather. This climate, ranging from -10°C to 40°C, affects the whisky's flavour, making it bolder and smoother.

Their goal is clear. Bearface wants to be an iconic whisky that captures the wild Canadian spirit. With a team of professionals, they focus on innovation.

The whisky shows that nature can transform and elevate. They use various oak casks and the Canadian seasons. Each batch is a testament to nature's influence.

Bearface offers not just a drink, but an experience. It takes enthusiasts on a journey through the Canadian wilderness. It celebrates blending art and nature's transformative power.

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