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Atlas Spirits Gin

In Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, Paul developed a keen interest in gin. He was captivated not just by the spirit itself but by how the botanicals changed with different mixers. This interest highlighted the complex flavours of gin. This curiosity in Edinburgh led Paul back to Lincolnshire. There, he aimed to make gins that were different from the usual botanical blends.

Atlas Gin gets its taste from flavours and traditions worldwide. It's more than making a drink. It's about going on a sensory journey. Paul was inspired by the warm spices in chai tea, the sweet smell of Persian Love Cake, and more. These global influences are in every bottle of the gin. They appeal to those who love to explore both travel and taste.

The making of Atlas Gin shows their commitment to quality. They carefully choose botanicals for perfect balance. The botanicals are infused for a whole day. This lets every subtle taste develop. The gin captures their full essence. They distil it in a copper still using the one-shot method. This method takes longer. But it makes a smoother gin without flaws.

Atlas Gin's ethos is about adventure. Every step in making it takes time. This reflects their belief in savouring adventures, not rushing them.

Each Atlas Gin type has its own story:

Atlas Chai GinThis gin has the warm spices of chai. It feels like the busy markets of India.

Atlas Lovecake GinInspired by Persian Love Cake, this gin has a sweet and fragrant charm.

Atlas Shichimi GinWith hints of Japan's Shichimi Togarashi spice, this gin takes you to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Atlas Spirits is more than a drink-maker. It invites you to explore and try new things. Atlas wants you to dive into a world of tastes and stories. As you pour the gin, remember, each sip starts a new journey.

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