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Animas Mezcal

Mezcal is a unique spirit that reflects Mexican culture and traditional distillation. Animas Mezcal is a brand that mixes the past and present. It uses artisanal methods and offers unique flavours.

Animas Mezcal uses Espadin to make a Mezcal that is both classic and unique. Espadin has wide leaves and varies in taste, from sweet and fruity to spicy and earthy.

Their blend of Espadin and Papalote agaves mixes two different flavours. Espadin adds its usual taste, while Papalote brings nutty and mineral notes. This blend by Animas Mezcal shows the depth Mezcal can have. It's a journey in taste for both new and seasoned drinkers.

Papalote agave is less common than Espadin. It gives a different taste that some Mezcal fans look for. The Animas Mezcal Papalote has rich flavours. It takes drinkers to Mexico's agave fields.

Animas Mezcal stands out for its quality and traditional methods. They do everything from picking mature agave to roasting it underground. They ferment in wooden vats and distil in copper stills. This respects old practices. Each bottle of Animas Mezcal brings a piece of Mexico.

In the growing Mezcal world, Animas is known for valuing tradition, truth, and taste. Whether it's their Espadin, Espadin & Papalote blend or Papalote, it's not just a drink. It's part of a rich cultural history. Animas Mezcal is a trip through Mexico's heartlands and its traditions.

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