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Alvear is one of the most distinguished names in the production of Sherry, a renowned fortified wine that has its origins in the Jerez region of Spain. Founded in 1729, the Bodegas Alvear winery is nestled in the historical town of Montilla in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. While many associate Sherry primarily with Jerez, Alvear stands as a testament to the exceptional quality and character that the Montilla-Moriles denomination has to offer.

Unlike many sherries from Jerez, which are often based on the Palomino grape, Alvear’s sherries are primarily crafted from the Pedro Ximénez grape. This grape variety, known for its sweet, sun-dried characteristics, is fundamental to the distinctive profile of Alvear sherries. The region's unique soil composition, characterised by the iconic "albariza" white chalky layers, combined with the warm Andalusian climate, makes for perfect conditions to cultivate Pedro Ximénez grapes.

One of Alvear's signature traits is their age-old solera system, a method of ageing and blending wines across different vintages to ensure a consistent style. This intricate system allows younger sherries to inherit characteristics from their older counterparts, resulting in a multi-layered complexity of flavours and aromas.

While Alvear is celebrated for its range of rich and luscious sweet sherries, their portfolio is diverse. From dry finos, with their almond and yeasty notes, to the opulent olorosos, with their deep nutty and caramel undertones, Alvear caters to a spectrum of palates.

Beyond the wine itself, the history and tradition of Alvear are palpable in every bottle. The winery stands as a symbol of familial legacy, as it has been overseen by several generations of the Alvear family. Their passion and dedication to the craft of sherry-making are evident in the acclaim and international awards the winery consistently receives.

Alvear isn't just about producing sherry; it's about preserving a tradition, celebrating a region, and offering the world a taste of Andalusia's rich history. Through their wines, one experiences the sun-drenched vineyards, the cool cellars of Montilla, and the centuries of expertise that go into crafting each bottle.

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