Yaguara Cachaça 70cl

Brazilian Cachaca • 70cl • 41.5%
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Yaguara Cachaça
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Distillery/Brand Yaguara

Yaguara Cachaça

Yaguara Cachaça is a very stylish Brazilian spirit that has been created under the watchful eye of master blender Erwin Weimann. It's made using a blend of Cachaça, a portion of which has been aged in oak casks, as well as Cachaça that has been rested in stainless steel tanks. After blending, it's then triple-filtered to remove the colour, meaning Yaguara is rich and flavoursome, but can still be used in cocktails without affecting the hue of the drink - rather handy for mixologists. It comes presented in a very striking bottle designed by leading glass artist Brian Clarke.

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Reviews for Yaguara Cachaça
Quality product
This beautiful cachaça packs a punch both in flavour and depth. The result of its painstaking production process (I'm sure) to get the traditional colour makes the experience more lovely when the depth and textures come through on the palate. Well aged, beautifully crafted, will buy again.
Master of Malt Customer
4 months ago
great present if you want something classy and different
i bought this for my son in law as a special treat as he likes Rum and enjoyed drinking cachaca when he was in Brazil. He really enjoyed this and we all tried it with fresh lime juice and lots of ice. Great in cocktails too. I will get some for myself
sonya w , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Did you know that the Native American name for a Jaguar in the United States is 'Yaguara'? In Native American language it means "to kill by leaping".

Hopefully people will not drink this while in high places. LOL
Master of Malt Customer
5 years ago