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White Cachaca

Cachaça, often dubbed the "soul of Brazil," is a sugarcane spirit that has its roots deeply embedded in Brazilian culture and history. The unaged or white version, also known as "prata" (silver) or "branca" (white), is a clear spirit with a robust sugarcane profile, offering both sweet and vegetal notes. This fresh distillate captures the pure essence of sugarcane, often revealing grassy undertones, mild fruity nuances, and a gentle heat.

Some key players in the white cachaça domain that deserve recognition are:

Novo Fogo: This brand offers an organic silver cachaça, which is rested in stainless steel tanks to stabilise and breathe before bottling. The outcome is a smooth spirit with notable tropical fruit notes.

Leblon: Another prominent name, Leblon's cachaça is distilled in traditional copper pot stills and then polished in ex-cognac casks, providing a soft, creamy texture.

The global awareness and appreciation for cachaça have been significantly boosted by Brazil's national cocktail, the Caipirinha. Using white cachaça, lime, sugar, and crushed ice, this simple yet refreshing concoction has placed cachaça on the world spirits map.

Today, white cachaça has journeyed beyond Brazil's borders, finding its way into a myriad of cocktails and intriguing the palates of spirit enthusiasts worldwide. Its versatility in mixology is endless, and while the Caipirinha remains its flagship cocktail, bartenders globally are embracing its unique profile to craft innovative drinks. Whether sipped neat to appreciate its raw sugarcane essence or blended into a cocktail, white cachaça stands as a testament to Brazil's rich spirit heritage.

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