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Our Culture

The vibe in MoM towers is informal, creative, fast-paced, and hard working. We don’t stand on ceremony, and we try to challenge and reduce bullshit wherever it raises it’s ugly head. Your career prospects here have precisely nothing to do with how highly polished your shoes are, and everything to do with how effectively you work with others to advance the mission.

We’ve got some incredible people at Master of Malt, and we value and encourage diversity of personality, thought, and viewpoint above all else. Establishing an orthodoxy of thought is the way to kill innovation, so we want people that think differently from one another and who can share ideas freely and in good faith, all in the name of advancing our mission.

We’re proud to move quickly and do what’s best for business so life with us is challenging, dynamic and a lot of fun along the way. Our values aren’t your typical list of all that’s good in the world – and instead an insight into some of the main things that we value, which distinguish us and make Atom different;

Our Values

Humanism for the win

We’re all about relationships over prescribed processes, it’s how we innovate and move quickly. 

We’re a team made up of small businesses which we’re each the leader of our own space – so we’re built around Integrity & Respect.

Give a shit

A passion for not only what we do but how we do it.

We make everything our concern and refuse to be constrained by the limitations of a hierarchical structure and out-dated rules, which only exist to  inhibit creativity and inclusiveness.

Live in reality

We all carve our own path.. To become a true hero in pursuit of our mission we need to become a part of the solution, not just point out the opportunity to improve.

We’re focused on fluidity in our roles, which enables us to encourage growth and movement within.

We don’t map out a dictated career pathway for you to follow, we instead respect individuals who embrace complexity and want to explore their capabilities and progress within – by offering unlimited potential.

Strive for greatness

We want to train the world to expect the extraordinary, so that our customers and staff are disappointed when they don’t experience it.

We’re accountable, and we raise the roof – not the floor.


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