Country French Armagnac
Distillery/Brand Delord
Distillation Date 1975
Bottling Date 2014

Delord 1975

From Delord's extensive range of single-vintage Armagnac releases comes a 1975 expression - a perfect gift for any Armagnac aficionado, though perhaps a significant one for those born in 1975.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Delord 1975 Bas-Armagnac
A Good Substitute for very old Bourbon
The nose will convince you that this is a very floral drink. It smells vaguely like oranges, or green grapes (Think himrod), with a very slight ashy-caramel influence from the oak.

The palate is, in some ways, a direct 180 - dusty dryness that makes you think of a basement of an old wooden house, caramel, vanilla, very slight hazelnut, musty-yeastiness, with a little burn on the midpalate. You have to search for the grape - this is a wood-forward, bourbon like drink all the way through.

If you want a more fruit-forward Armagnac, you are best with younger (XO aged) Pellehaut, Grangerie or even a Marcel Trépout.
Miles D , Canada
7 years ago