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American 5 Year Old Whiskey

Whiskey, when aged for 5 years, undergoes a remarkable change. Over this span, the harshness diminishes as the drink draws properties from the oak, resulting in a smoother, fuller flavour. The interaction between the wood's cellulose and the 5-year-old whiskey produces sugars that mellow the sharpness evident during its early distillation stages.

The story of American whiskey is deeply rooted in tradition and the vast landscapes of America. The settlers, with their innovative minds, started by distilling available local grains. This gave birth to different styles of whiskey, each echoing the diverse regions of America. For instance, Bourbon, a globally recognised variety, is shaped by specific requirements. To be called Bourbon, the 5-year-old whiskey must have a mash containing at least 51% corn and should mature in new, charred oak barrels, resulting in its distinctive sweet and rich profile.

Tennessee whiskey, a close relative to Bourbon, adopts the Lincoln County Process. This unique charcoal filtration technique ensures that even a 5-year-old whiskey offers extraordinary smoothness. On the other hand, Rye whiskey, originating from the northeastern U.S., calls for a mash with a majority of 51% rye, giving it a zestier flavour profile.

Corn whiskey, reminiscent of America's early spirit-making traditions, requires at least 80% corn in its mash. Even when it's a 5-year-old whiskey, its taste retains a robust, grain-driven character. A newer entrant, American Single Malt, made entirely from malted barley, showcases the ever-evolving creativity in American distillation.

In the years following Prohibition, the world of American whiskey has experienced a resurgence. Modern craft distilleries, while experimenting with new techniques, continue to respect and remember the traditions that gave birth to the 5-year-old whiskey we cherish today.

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