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Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon

(70cl, 43.2%)
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon

Woodford Reserve Details

(Woodford Reserve)

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(65 Reviews)

Woodford Reserve Bottling Note

The mashbill for Woodford Reserve features a high percentage of rye: 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malt. Unusual also for being triple distilled and having the lowest proof upon entering the barrel where it matures for at least six years. A must have Kentucky bourbon. Makes a wonderful Old-Fashioned cocktail!
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is quite thick and creamy. There are notes of honey and spice, leather, a touch of cocoa, a little smoke, toasty oak and vanilla cream with a hint of butterscotch. The palate is thick and full. There are notes of espresso beans, winter spice, cereal sweetness, plenty of rye, ground ginger, almond oil, toasty oak and a little rum. The finish is long and mature with notes of cereals and toasty oaken spice.

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    User Reviews of the Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon

    The best Bourbon

    very smooth sipping whiskey

    8th October 2015

    Great in Old-Fashioned cocktails..

    Master of Malt, you are indeed correct. This bourbon makes (in my opinion) the best Old-Fashioned cocktail. It holds its own against the orange zest and the bitters, and the body carries through to the finish on your palate. My only downside to this bourbon is that it doesn't come in a larger bottle...

    1st August 2015

    Top Bourbon

    Ive been trying a few bourbons here and there, converted from a scotch drinker, i like the spicy flavor of bourbon, and recently tasted Woodford Reserve, the other brands were bold, strong and flavorful also, but Woodford seemed more well rounded, and had everything the all the other bourbons had far my favorite..!

    22nd July 2015

    You're off your rocker

    This bourbon sells for $18 and is considered mid-shelf. Anyone who knows anything about bourbon will tell you its good but you guys are waaay out of market on price.

    12th July 2015


    Powerful, uplifting, gorgeous!

    6th July 2015

    Best "Finish" (In My Experience)

    There are a lot of whiskies that I hold in high regard, but I believe Woodford Reserve has the single best "finish" that I have ever come across in any whisky. It is the sort of finish that makes me close my eyes and forces me to have to remember to start breathing again once it is through.

    7th June 2015

    Biker of Bourbon

    I much enjoyed Woodford's distellery, where we had lunch on our Harley tour of the Bourbon Trail. For some reason, though, I didn't remember liking Woodford. Today, I bought a bottle and now I know how wrong I was. This stuff is great. I usually prefer Wild Turkey 101, but I think I like this better. Oddly, if you have a Tostito chip followed by a sip of Woodford, it leaves an almost cigar tasting finish. Very good..maybe one of my favorite things about Kentucky!

    2nd May 2015


    I'm not going to pretend I know anything about Bourbon... but I do know that I've tried a few, and none compare to this. Smells great, tastes better. Love it.

    20th April 2015

    great Bourbon!

    Absolutely one of my favorites.

    27th March 2015

    Tripled Distilled

    What other Bourbons are tripled distilled?

    2nd March 2015

    good stuff

    Best whisky I've ever dranK. Very smooth, unbleevable flavor

    3rd February 2015

    Bourbon at its best!

    Good for sipping, good as a mixer (Old Fashioned), readily available, quite cheap.

    21st January 2015

    Best in class

    The nose is very sweet almost like bubblegum and the taste is just the same. This bourbon is smoooooth and easy to sip on. The finish is sweet, dry, with very little spice, and oh so delicious. This is my favorite bourbon so far.

    14th January 2015

    Sweet, easy sippin'

    Delicious! Honeysuckle and vanilla notes, fragrant nose. It is clean, refined, and dangerously drinkable

    3rd January 2015


    My sister bought me a bottle of this for Christmas yesterday and I'm just now opening it. This is actually as good as the bottle looks. I'm more than satisfied, I'll be buying this for myself from now on!!!!

    26th December 2014

    Made me a Bourbon lover

    Had the typical JD before trying this and man it is awesome, never really a Bourbon man till I tried this.

    On the rocks is preferred, a strong first sip but then afterwards very smooth, one slight niggle is a very bitter aftertaste but this can be over looked by drinking more!

    25th December 2014

    Bourbon consumer

    Unmistakable scent of isopropyl alcohol.

    10th December 2014

    Really like it

    I'm more of a single malt scotch man but I do tend to try different whiskies from time to time. This one was is very enjoyable. Nice flavours, I definately picked up the rye content along with winter spices. Also very long pleasant finish. 9/10

    23rd November 2014

    Very impressed

    As a complete Bourbon novice I'm very impressed with this. The first taste on the tongue was quite similar to certain Scotch whiskeys, but the flavour completely evolves on the palate. Instead of the smoky, sometimes overpowering flavours of a Scotch, you get a delicate sweet finish going through vanilla on to butterscotch (and I normally think those kind of flavour descriptions are only written by people who take themselves way too seriously!). As I got closer to the bottom of the glass I found myself liking it more and more. Bourbon convert right here!

    18th November 2014

    My favorite

    After trying multiple bourbons & blends throughout the years, Woodford is by far the favorite even after taking all of the bourbon tours. Can't wait to get back to Loretto!!!

    8th November 2014

    Disappointed on the trail

    Great tour, great guide, top notch upgraded distillery and grounds, good food, terrible bourbon. Both samples smelled and tasted like rubbing alcohol. May try again in future but no time soon.

    27th October 2014

    Lovely, smooth, tastes like a southern sunset

    Absolutely lovely - just what a great bourbon should be. Deep taste, smooth as southern soul music and lingers long in the memory. I actually woke up the other day yearning for a taste of this - slightly concerning. There is some citrus and wood, a touch of smoke, and a full, classic mature bourbon taste. Feels like America. And I can absolutely recommend the Maple Finish expression if you can find it. It's a dream of a bourbon and I'm rationing myself to a drop once a week, as I'm not sure if I will find it again.

    1st October 2014

    Caught By Surprice!

    Perfect bourbon.
    I totally lost my heart here!

    Try it...

    26th September 2014


    This is my absolute favorite PERIOD.

    15th September 2014

    Way better than best selling bourbons

    Got it for my birthday, and opened it straight away. Wonderful nose and taste.

    12th September 2014

    A revelation

    New to Bourbon - have only tried the clichés JD and Jim Beam to date - but this is a revelation. Smooth, tasty, and inexpensive. A great sipping whiskey. I would recommend with a drop of Angostura bitters on ice...just lovely.

    31st August 2014

    Tried for the first time

    I usually drink single scottish malts.
    Woodford is as good as any Scottish malt. Excellent, wish I'd tried it before. I'm 67 and like the previous reviewer relaise what I have missed.
    Take it straight with an ice cube.Very smooth. Great to chill out with at the end of the day.

    6th August 2014

    61 years old and tried them all

    I'm 61 and the biggest problem with Woodford Reserve is that i never tried it until this year. I just didn't know what i had been missing. Oh my misspent youth. Dang, that makes me wonder if maybe i should have shopped around a little bit more before i got married!

    21st July 2014

    Also got a bad bottle

    I was searching to find if anybody else had recently got a bad bottle of reserve and found the review below. I love this bourbon and opened a bottle 2 weeks ago to get hit with the smell and taste of rubbing alcohol. I contacted Woodford and they responded very quickly with a request to get the bottle so they can analyze it. Will see what happens.

    14th June 2014

    cigar and woodford

    I'm a cigar smoker and love my woodford with it. Compliments each other. I'm a neat drinker and love the flavor and smell.

    6th June 2014

    great complex bourbon

    I go plenty on the nose citrus, vanilla, slightly burnt caramel, first sip some burn and almost iodine peatiness which doesnt last long, then vanilla and oaky butterscotch. great long sippin whisky. smelling the empy glass was like toffee very pleasant

    23rd May 2014

    Must have got a bad bottle.

    Batch: 117
    Bottle: 2951

    Absolutely undrinkable. Nose: ethanol, actually burns and makes your eyes water. Horrible varnish turps stink.

    Taste: Varnish. Hint of butterscotch. Semi unpleasant but very long finish of nuts and banana.

    Cost: way too much. This is not worth £30/$50.

    19th May 2014



    2nd April 2014


    My first proper bourbon, really smooth to drink. If the nose was a glade plug in, it'd be all over the house.

    28th February 2014

    Smooth Bourbon

    Smokey, oak, butterscotch and apple which is mellow and has a light alcohol scent which is pleasing rather than assaulting
    It has Generous flavor, complex and smooth all at the same time, Buttery and oaky, hints of apple and spices
    It is Perfect sipping whiskey to relax with after a long day. Almost no burn, the finish is long and delightful. This whiskey is, in my opinion so rounded, clean and balanced I would be hard pressed to find a better one for the price, I’m extremely pleased! This is one to have on hand at all times -BeerandWhiskeyHQ

    20th January 2014

    WoodFord Reserve at THAPAR'S

    We were introduced to WoodFord Reserve at Thapar's party. The stuff belonged to Robert, and before he could reach the party his bottle was opened by other guests and the way Robert felt when he saw his bottle being ripped he was I actually realised the love he had for WOODFORD RESERVE.

    18th December 2013

    Wait for it

    For me, this is all about the finish. I found the palate quite watery with not much to it, but wait a while and all of a sudden, there's an explosion of vanilla sweetness.
    For the price, this is a great whiskey.

    11th December 2013

    Beach Bourbon

    This is simply the best bourbon I've had to date. I pick up a bottle of this superb bourbon every October and head to a beach for fall break. The salt air and Woodford on the rocks is an incredible combination.

    18th September 2013

    My Favorite Bourbon

    A co-worker brought a bottle of Woodford Reserve to the summer picnic at my boss' house. I had been exploring whiskey, looking for something that I actually enjoyed neat. After trying a shot, I decided to add a bottle to my own collection where it sits in front of the Elijah Craig, Four Roses, and Eagle Rare. Truly a masterful Bourbon, easy to sip and enjoy neat or on the rocks. Just please don't waste in on a mixed drink!!

    24th August 2013

    Best Old Fashion

    Really like this tipple, excellent for an old fashion. The nose is long and pointy, with notes of brown sugar and Friday night bbq. The taste starts fruity with hints of lemon and black grape followed my mellow sunflower seeds, 15 day old orange with clove and very small hint of raspberry. not to be missed.

    23rd August 2013

    Incredible Bourbon a Lovely Surprise

    Tried this wonderful Kentucky Bourbon and was truly surprised by the smoothness and depth of flavor, as well as a glorious finish. Nose: Carmel, butterscotch , and an almost 'anise' aroma, flowed by spice and pepper. Taste: Spicey, Vanilla, and a whisper of smoke, followed by a burst of crisp mint and fresh ginger with virtually no heat on the throat. Finish: for me, there was further rich, toffee-vanilla, followed closely with a burst of summer peach that lingered in the mouth a good half hour. Incredible Kenntucky Bourbon and goes head to head with my usual favorite - Blanton's! Will definitely add this to my home bar.

    21st August 2013

    Love this stuff

    I like it so much I'm making a detour on my return trip home from KC to stop by and see where this stuff I's made.

    5th August 2013

    Tried them all.

    I have tried numerous bourbons and I can say that woodford on the rocks is one of the or thee best out there.

    5th August 2013

    Favorite Bourbon

    This is great stuff! It is very easy to drink and entertaining for all levels of whiskey connoisseurs. If you want one of the best bourbons, look no further

    13th May 2013

    George - Woodford Reserve

    Really popular bourbon and justly so, full of character and very versatile. Agree with the chaps at Master of Malt - makes an excellent old fashioned, enjoyable on its own, and great value for money. Nose: Dense, creamy, charred oak. Vanilla sweetness. Treacle and spice with a dash of leather. Palate: Nicely rounded, with a good hit of spice, toasted oak, sweet rye and a good nutty coffee. Almost syrupy. Finish: Good length, rather sophisticated with more of that sweet rye and toasted oak. Vanilla rounds off with just a lingering touch of spice and fine leather.

    18th April 2013


    Had this at a bar a week ago and is the best bourbon i tried so far. It's got a nice pop-corn taste to it.

    2nd April 2013


    Still my favourite bourbon. Not an outrageous price. A simple, old fashioned bottle design and an elegant yet masculine drink for the grown ups. Smooth and well rounded. Drinks like Chuck Norris in a top hat.

    6th March 2013


    Still my favourite bourbon. Not an outrageous price. A simple, old fashioned bottle design and an elegant yet masculine drink for the grown ups. Smooth and well rounded.
    Drinks like Chuck Norris in a top hat.

    6th March 2013


    I tried this after drinking many other bourbons. I was quite impressed. My friends ,and family, all thought it was a great bourbon.

    10th February 2013

    My Favourite Bourbon So Far To Date.

    This has to be my Favourite Bourbon so far to date. It is smooth and classy. i could drink it all day. Im young and English so love whisky but if i fancy a change il have this. Another thing to thank the Americans for!
    (Shhh don't tell them i said that or your never here the end of it!)

    17th January 2013


    Despite being a high rye bourbon, the spice wasn't very forward. I found it all rather rough on the back of the throat, too. I only have the sample, and perhaps what I ate earlier this evening is affecting the taste, but I think this quite inferior to the van Winkle I sampled last night. Karl

    9th October 2012


    Now I know what my grandfather would call "sippin whiskey" is. You can do a shot of any whiskey but this stuff you want to savor...

    28th September 2012

    Very good

    I really liked this after trying gentleman jack and buffalo trace. Just seemed that slightly higher quality to me! Very good bourbon IMHO

    20th September 2012

    America's proudness !

    Woodford and Pappy van Winkle are the best-bourbons you can have!!
    try and fly away on the green grass of beautiful kentucky11

    12th September 2012

    Wonderful !!!

    I was a bit of a bourbon novice when I came onto this site and the first bottle I bought was Woodford reserve, based on the recommendations. They are all right, this is a wonderful bourbon, especially if like me, you are just starting to get a taste for the finer tipples that are out there

    17th July 2012

    Simply the best?

    Reall, I have yet to try a better Bourbon. This has smoothness, taste, bite and class. Highly rated.

    26th May 2012


    The best bourbon !!!

    18th April 2012

    Simply wonderful

    I can't rate this bourbon highly enough. It is sweet, gently on the palate and throat with practically no alcohol burn as it slides gently down. It's almost like the creme caramel of whiskeys, and if you've never tried it - treat yourself! Oh, and as a little extra to make you (or the person you're gifting it to) feel special, you can even register your bottle with the distillery.

    5th January 2012

    Whisky Mac

    Really enjoyable when sipped neat, Butterscotch and smoothness comes through.


    30th October 2011

    Whisky Mac

    Really enjoyable when sipped neat, Butterscotch and smoothness comes through.


    30th October 2011

    Great stuff!

    My Dad couldn't say enough about this s**t ;)

    9th June 2011

    Thumbs up

    For the money, the best bourbon you can buy.

    5th December 2010

    Smooth as silk

    I was introduced to Woodford Reserve while at the K.Derby 6 years ago. My father was a Old Grand Dad man and before he passed away the ultimate intro to Woodford, he said he never knew Bourbon tastes so good on the rocks. My Favorite as well as other Bourbon drinkers I turned it onto.

    3rd December 2010

    Where's the heat?

    Lovely, it almost feels like an Angel urinating down your throat, mellow yet full of flavour and a noticable absence of heat on the way down and unlike most Bourbons it's also not throaty at all, if a premium Bourbon is your thing, then this is for you, Oh, and if you're rich enough, contact the company as they also do bespoke blends that are different from the Distiller's Select.

    26th December 2009

    Rich, full, soooo smooth!

    I like this with a couple of ice cubes (no more or you ruin it!) and like to sip it slowly. I lived in Kentucky and this stuff is like nectar! lovely stuff.

    from Chet.

    6th October 2009

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