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Oban 14 Year Old

(70cl, 43.0%)
Oban 14 Year Old

Awards for Oban 14


Highlands & Islands 13-18yo - 2015

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Highland - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Gold Outstanding
Gold Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Island - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Oban 14 Details


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User Rating
(80 Reviews)

Oban 14 Bottling Note

A bustling seaside resort has grown up around the distillery in the two centuries since it was first built in the fishing town of Oban. The West Highland malt is still produced in the same unhurried, traditional fashion and this 14 year old is a classic dram from the distillery.
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is rich and smokey. The medicinal notes are quite evident with notes of the sea; seaweed, tarry ropes. There are notes of cut hay and wood smoke rising with a gentle estery sweetness. The palate is thick and full. Notes of citrus with smooth sweetness. The smoke wafts with notes of seaweed. The oak is quite rich with grist and cereal and malt. The finish is of good length with fruit and dry oak.

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    User Reviews of the Oban 14 Year Old

    Very good whisky

    I really enjoyed Oban 14. It has a great floral nose and taste with just a HINT of smoke but it really shouldn't scare off people who aren't partial to peaty, smokey, islay malts. It's just a nice little cherry on top of the bright and uplifting flavor this brings to the table

    Will absolutely be buying another bottle. The price ranges from as low as $62-$75 in CT

    25th June 2015

    Nice but dull

    a fine drink, but the medicinal notes and tarry ropes are faint whispers in the background. I get more orange and oak to the fore. the orange is interesting but out of place for me, in much the same way as a slice of orange doesn't work in a cup of tea. the rest actually reminds me of a Balvenie, pretty boring oakfest

    22nd May 2015


    When I first tried Oban 14 several years ago I enjoyed it, but it didn't really stand out for me. But, up to that point I had only really tried the most common (generally light Speyside) single malts. Over the years I've gained a lot more experience and having recently revisited Oban a few times, I really appreciate it for its overall quality, its richness, and its distinctive balance of flavors. Lots of different elements represented in a subtle but very satisfying way. If you're in the mood for something very "easy" to drink, but with more fullness and character than average, this is truly a winner. The tasting notes here could be misleading - medicinal notes and "notes of the sea" are definitely present, but not at all in the sense of a Laphroaig or Lagavulin. Again, its just much more subtle as far as those elements go.

    21st May 2015


    A very different dram than what I was anticipating a nice hint of smoke with some dark fruits like raisins and figs finshed with a hint of salty air. Very elegant and smooth one of my new favorites for sure.

    20th May 2015

    not spectacular

    Considering the age and price of this whisky I expected more smoothness and complexity. The palate is still reasonable but the finish is too much dry oak and lacks refinement for my taste. Overall I'd say it's more strong or harsh rather than rich.

    3rd May 2015

    I dont like it at all.

    For the price, I was expecting something more complex or deep. Truth is, this is one of the blandest, most unimpressive scotches I've tasted.

    2nd May 2015


    I'm usually more of a peaty/smokey scotch fan, like Laphroaig, but I had oban on a whim in a bar and was really surprised by what a sweet scotch can do. You can really taste note of honey there.

    25th April 2015

    Very nice

    It's a very nice Whisky. Subtle, balanced and easy to drink.

    It's not the most interesting Whisky in, my opinion. But it's a solid choice and a crowd pleaser. I've never met anybody that disliked it, one can offer it to guests or buy it as a gift.

    6th April 2015

    Pretty good but with reservations

    Given the age and excellent reviews my expectation was somewhat higher. Perfectly pleasant to drink but not as special as the price and age would suggest. My view is that Tobermory 10 year old is arguably superior and their other product Ledaig (peated) far superior. Beauty (and taste) is in the eye of the beholder of course.

    18th March 2015

    Can't wait to get my first bottle!

    I've just recently tried the Oban 14 at a local "Irish Pub" ( I live in South Carolina) and was enthralled! I usually don't like peaty whiskeys but this was very subtle on the smokiness and yet full of flavor. I liked it so much that I've had it the last several times we'd been back to this bar and have enjoyed it even more each time. It reminds me of Talisker 10 except not as strong and a more subtle peatiness. I Love It! I've just ordered a bottle from an online source and got a very good price on it. I can't wait to get it and have a dram along with a cold Smihtwick's! Cheers!

    14th March 2015

    Just wow.

    This is the single malt that really got me into single malts, I'm an islay fan, but nothing tastes like Oban. Great light oak and vanilla starts this one off, develops into a very floral and fruity body, with a peppery slightly salty smoke finish. There will always be a place for this whisky in my cabinet.

    3rd March 2015


    I bought a 20cl bottle to try and was quite impressed. It's subtle, but complex. I thought the smoke was very slight, but it was definitely there.

    21st February 2015

    Up In Smoke

    Pleasant smoky aroma. You can taste the salinity of the sea and a burst of spice. A simple dram that I enjoyed but definitely feel there are other options to consider when dealing within this price range and age bracket. Don''t feel I''ll explore this again but am happy I did try it since other I know have enjoyed this bottle.

    6th February 2015

    Alaskan, from a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem!

    Oban 14 is my birthday gift to myself, year after year, and it never fails to both charm and satisfy. A breath of smoke, yet easy on the palate. I must agree with the fellow who feels it is at its best neat, and it rewards slow savoring and holding on the tongue. This whisky is magnificent.

    29th January 2015


    Love this whisky. Balanced sweetness, complex layers. Excellent whiskey.

    22nd January 2015

    Quite nice!

    If you like smooth and light and more on the fruity vanilla side this one is a nice scotch. If you are looking for strength and peat this in not the one.

    25th December 2014

    My favorite

    I just bought a bottle in Istanbul. I live there and a few months back the single malt selection has enlivened. When I saw it on the shelf I thought this Christmas I'm going for it. Just opened it and am on another planet. A little water is how I like it. Happy Holidays!

    23rd December 2014

    one of a kind

    I've been sampling for scotches for a while now and Oban 14 isn't describable in terms of any other whisky I've tried. It really is a hybrid between the highlands and islay. definitely not as smoky as islay, but the smoke is there. it's light and fragrant like a highland, but noticeably different. there is a sweetness and levity about it. it's not honey or toffee or chocolate. it might be citrus, but I might say that for lack of a better word. in any case, it's very good and I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying it. you might find a new favorite.

    19th December 2014

    Neat is Best for Oban 14

    I usually prefer a dram with a touch of pure water. Not this one, neat is the only way to go. It has a very complex flavor on the front end. As you let it rest on the palate, the flavors explode. Sweet, rich, smoky. It finishes lightly peated and dry. Adding water takes all the complexity out and changes it to a fruity, light, and very average with no depth.

    4th December 2014


    Nice balance between the smoky and the sweet.

    1st December 2014

    Immaculate conception

    Never having tried single malt until Oban 14;
    am now a convert,
    Rich and creamy, and slightly sweet, perfect with cheese, and salami

    26th November 2014

    Not to sure about this one

    Excellent nose, sweet and smoky very promising. The palate is smooth (even more so with added water) and sweet with a hint of peat but lacks any complexity. The finish for me was disappointing due to a very alcoholic and sort of chemical aftertaste that the whisky left.

    17th November 2014

    A pleasant mystery

    I don't get the tasting notes, rich and smoky, seaweed or medicinal at all. I can't really identify the flavours in Oban 14 and yet I like it more over time. As one below said, easy to drink. I find it has some depth of character but still have no idea how to describe it's flavours. It is for me a very pleasant mystery.

    16th November 2014

    Smooth sipping

    Excellent flavor a go to scotch when out at a nice bar

    14th November 2014

    The Ardmore scot PA

    Oban 14 is an easy whisky to drink but I would rather have the 10 yr old which is not available in the US

    5th November 2014

    Crazy folk

    Not sure how anyone is finding this dram too harsh - it's a pretty easy drinking one, not exactly an Ardbeg! Anyhow, bit of a girls whisky but delishus HIC anyway

    23rd October 2014

    It is what it is...!

    Loving it til it's gone.And then it is what it was !

    8th October 2014

    a.den haan

    Love that whisky, but it's to exspensiv for me, so only at christmas.

    30th September 2014

    add in the review below

    .. the aftertouch is definatelly woody with a slight hint of peat

    1st September 2014

    nice balanced single malt for newby

    I'm writing this as i am zipping my oban 14 yrs. It's a balanced whiskey with smoothhness, sweet fruity body and a light peaty aftertouch. I would recommend this to newcomers or blend drinkers.

    31st August 2014

    It's ok

    This was ok. I tried this at Bar a bar in L.A. called Seven Grand. Nothing really unique

    29th August 2014

    Age statements

    You won't buy any NAS whisky?!?! That's incredibly short-sighted. Some fantastic whiskies carry no age statements. Look at the Ardbegs for example, Glengoyne Cask Stregth, Glendronach Cask Strength, Glenfarclas 105....the list goes on. I can understand where you are coming from and your feeling cheated by the trend from some of the larger distilleries, COUGH Macallan Cough, to steer away from age statements in an effort to stretch out stock. However, Sometimes an age statement is omitted because there are occasions when casks will be at their optimum for a particular expression before a certain time period is up, for many reasons, and so I can understand some distilleries omitting them for some expressions. I am not sure that this is the case with Oban however.

    Each to their own and all, and of course whisky taste is a very personal thing BUT.... Laphroaig 10 is chill filtered and bottled at 40%. Quarter Cask is non-chill filtered and bottled at 48%. I think you're foolish to say you'd buy the 10 which is an alright to good whisky but not the QC which is a great full-flavoured whisky, just because it does't carry an age statement. If it bothers you that much I'l tell you now it's about 5 or 6 years old.

    28th August 2014

    My dad had a Galaxy 500. It didn't go 500 mph...

    A few months ago I bought a bottle of Oban 14 in France, where the prices for scotch whisky are around half what I pay in Ontario. When I got home and tried it, I found it harsh and disappointing and not at all like I remembered Oban to be like.
    Reading the label carefully, I noticed there is no age listed. It's called Oban 14, but never once is it described as "14 years old". There's no distilling or bottling date. It makes me wonder if this "Oban 14" is much younger than 14 years old.
    Scotch is very popular, and many of the producers are blending their old whisky with younger stuff to stretch out their stock. Of course that can only go on so long if you sell more than you produce.
    I will no longer buy any whisky that doesn't have an age specified on the label.
    Similarly, I don't buy Laphroaig Quarter Cask, I only buy the 10 or 18 year old.

    7th August 2014

    Light without depth!

    As I sip this, I am reminded more of a blended whisky than a single malt. There is little depth. It is very light. There is nothing wrong with it, but there us nothing to interest or excite me.

    4th July 2014

    Smooth and Simple

    I wanted to love this one but it's either too simple or the flavors are way too subtle. I guess it would define "easy drinking" but when you're after interesting flavors there's sadly just not much going on in the Oban.

    2nd June 2014

    Oban !!!!!

    I'm really have never been into scotch, but I received a bottle of Oban for my 60th birthday May 10th. As am writing this note while sipping on my Oban.....I must tell you "WOW" what a
    magnificent taste!!!! I'm hooked .........

    1st June 2014


    Definitely clean and smooth as butter, but lacking flavour, almost too subtle. I cannot see where everyone finds smoke here, i cannot feel almost any at all, just a hint.

    13th May 2014


    So balanced. This glass of smokey sweetness brings you home. Warm and comfortable. Tastes like scotch with a touch of everything wonderful.

    12th April 2014

    Solid all-rounder

    Bought from the distillery ; well balanced ight with only a hint of smoke, lots of dark fruit, plums and blackberries bit of sugar and Vanilla aroma in the glass after the dram was consumed : Solid offering if a little underwhelming for the price ; tastes younger than 14yr the Barrel has not taken over the spirit.

    5th March 2014

    Totally underrated

    This scotch has a very crisp, almost refreshing clean taste. Definitely a great "teens" scotch. Probably the best. I like balvenie, but sometimes those are too syrupy, the Oban 14 is on the other side spectrum. Different, but great.

    18th February 2014

    Experiment with water

    Picked up a bottle at the distillery. Without water - lovely drop. The distillery had a teat papette, allowing the addition of a couple of drops of water - wow. I add mineral water to whiskey but the tiniest amount just releases the aromas and smooths this craitur off beautifully. Another nip at home and with less control over the water, added more. Pretty much killed the aroma, and oversoftened the drink. Better without, best with just drops, brilliant any way.

    16th February 2014

    Very Nice Slurp

    I thoroughly enjoyed a bottle with a friend, both of us will be purchasing this whisky again, not as harsh as the majority of malts.

    However please also allow me to vent my cinfusion at a comment left by ''The Sea The Sea'' when the person wrote:

    ''Nose brought me to the beach, a salty slightly fishy breeze. Hands are holding some vanilla and some orange peel. Taste revealed a small bonfire of smoke near the ocean. Dried oak burning. Dried orange in mouth. Then salty finish. A nice trip to the sea. One problem is notes of glue. Fades after a few days upon opening.''

    You are nothing but a fool to write such a pompous poem-like review, i hope one day in the future you get a life.

    11th February 2014


    5 stars are doing it an injustuce!!! An outdoorsy sort of dram.

    6th February 2014

    thoughts seaside, in a bit of fog with a fire

    A flavor where peat tastings are pleasurably undeniable, hints of smoke in the finish, and the "just right" citrus overtone. The 14 is delightful and delicious with a good cigar. Very much a fan. Seaside, in the open, fire roaring, cigar in had = bliss.

    1st February 2014

    Too harsh

    i thought Oban 14 had a harsh kick that ruined the flavor. Not for me.

    9th January 2014

    The sea the sea

    Nose brought me to the beach, a salty slightly fishy breeze. Hands are holding some vanilla and some orange peel. Taste revealed a small bonfire of smoke near the ocean. Dried oak burning. Dried orange in mouth. Then salty finish. A nice trip to the sea.

    One problem is notes of glue. Fades after a few days upon opening.

    26th December 2013

    West Highland Great

    This malt is simply stunning, it has everything peat smoke, sweetness,fruity,smoothness and a decent length finish.
    One of my first choice malts and easy to obtain

    24th December 2013

    Great combination

    althoug i like peat, a lot of it like ardberg is to much for me. oban has a subtile peaty taste combined with orangy taste this is a great balance. with a small splash of water this whisky is super smooth

    20th December 2013


    Hi there! We're actually due a delivery before the end of this week, so do check back and you'll be able to get a bottle without a problem. --The Chaps at Master of Malt

    27th November 2013


    Kindly tell me when Oban is back in stock

    Regards IAN HALL

    27th November 2013

    The Best

    had a bottle of this bought for me, and I have to say it's the finest bottle of scotch I've ever tasted, will definitely be buying a refill!

    19th November 2013

    my favorite

    Great taste. Taste that stays in ur mouth for a while after drinking it.must have for whiskey lovers!!

    5th November 2013

    Crazy Canuck

    Was a big burboun guy for years,got turned on to scotch last year at Super Bowl party and have tried many since then and love the complex notes of scotch particularly this one. Looking forward to trying others.

    27th October 2013


    My absolute favorite scotch

    25th October 2013


    a great single malt...for me is one of the best

    10th October 2013



    28th September 2013

    A very nice scotch....not a "whiskey"...

    A very nice scotch....smooth, and full flavored, some smoke and some a huge fan of "the peat" this one is lighter than I would prefer but a very good one for those who are new to "peat and smoke". Should be in everyone's collection.

    22nd August 2013

    Me lo aconsejo mi hijo

    Agradable olor, sabor a mar, tierra humeda y maderas nobles.

    18th August 2013

    very light malt

    smooth and easily drinkable, would i buy another bottle? yes

    15th August 2013


    This is the very first single malt i tried n i loved it..... its awesome.. especially for people who want it light... m a fan now....

    12th July 2013


    fruit, light smoke, orange marmalade, mellow. Extra sweet and smooth with a drop of water. Great, but not much of a finish

    22nd June 2013

    Found my home

    My introduction to single malt scotch almost thirty years ago was Glenmorangie and I knew I was introuble. I was attracked to it's vanella and slight cereaminess. Over the years I I have taisted countless scotches; too peaty, too salty, pow too much alcohol in the nose, .......But then I was in a bar, in Los Angeles of all places, when I asked the bar-keep what he drinks when he pours himself a drink. He pulled down the bottle of Oban, pours me a good measure drops a sinlgle ice cube in it and that was it, I found my home. A perfectly balanced single malt scotch; creamy, rich, with just enough smoke. It is a sublime drink.

    2nd June 2013

    One of the best

    Great tasting whisky !

    31st May 2013

    neofita allo scotch whisky

    In un viaggio in moto in scozia, dopo cena ci siamo fatti un Scotch Whisky ogni giorno di diverese marche. Abbiamo tratto le conclusioni che oban 14 fosse il migliore Whisky di tutti quelli assaggiati. Delicato e piacevole nel sorseggio.

    29th May 2013

    Very enjoyable

    A well balanced all-rounder. Will buy again.

    9th May 2013

    the mymic

    I bought this because not only was it very highly rated, but I couldn't find two reviews that agreed with each other. I opened it a little while ago, and this blew my head off.
    Nose: sweet toffee musket grapes samos desert wine rum brown sugar, golden Virginia tobacco, maraschino cherries toffee pudding pecan pie short bread shortcrust pastry, lemon meringue pie, rose, apricot jam, dark chocolate turkish delight, batternberg, chocolate trufles
    taste: Cut hay, cherry pie, sweet tobacco, cashews, smokey rope, dry grass, bitter coffee, stewed tea, walnut whip, black treacle, marzipan, smoke, stewed plum, rubarb and custard, boiled sweets, christmas cake, icing, orange peel, orange bitters.
    Believe the hype its amazing.

    20th February 2013


    Has been my favorite for over 20 years now. Having branched out to Canada and Japan, I still cannot find it's equal

    6th January 2013


    One of my favourite malts & at a reasonable price. I have overpaid for this dram a few times but i never really regret it - such is it's quality. Highly peaty with dark, rich fruit notes; for those not wanting a malt as powerful and smoky as Talisker or as peaty as Laphroig/Ardberg/Port Charlotte this is a great compromise. The finish is long and deep with hints of smoke, spice and pepper; whilst baked-apple and rich honeyed mulled berries underlies the warmer, more colourful notes. A superb malt, highly recommended - & if this is to your taste why not go ahead and try the Talisker 10 yr old - a true beast.

    31st December 2012

    A True Highland

    This is an exceedingly complex whisky. A very strong and intricate nose, with a medicinal palate and evident cereal notes. Plenty of peat to go around. I love the seaside taste of this one and I'm sure to keep a bottle around at all times. A unique and characteristic highland malt.

    29th December 2012

    Al D

    Just dabbling in single malts and found this incredible! A touch of citrus and a bit o smoke, which I understand to be peat. very "soft" and smooth and a fine subtile after taste. It has me very interetsed in a more variety of tasting. thank you Oban!!

    18th December 2012


    I have bought a bottle of Oban 43% at the Auction but can't find it on here, it's not got any age in years i.e. like 12 or 10, can anyone tell me how old this might be or how much it would cost to buy? thanks yours freddy

    17th December 2012


    Great whiskey!

    14th November 2012

    Phil D

    Not for me - found it too rich and smoky with a harsh after-taste - an acquired taste not for the faint-hearted. Thanks to the sample bottles I've not wasted too much money on a bottle that would have found its way to the back of the cupboard.

    5th October 2012


    Oban am converted

    24th June 2012

    My favourite whisky

    This is simply brilliant. Oranges, sea salt and a touch of smoke. Very smooth, very drinkable, very tasty.

    10th April 2012

    Undeservedly Overlooked

    The Oban 14 was one of the first single malts I tried, as it was part of the Classic Malts promotion packs. At the time I really enjoyed it, but as the years passed and my experience and single malt collection expanded I tended to let my Oban 14 bottle gather dust, thinking that I would not enjoy it anymore, as I had liked it when I was inexperienced.

    Then, recently, I tried it again and I was wowed. Rich, creamy, sweet but not overly so, and the rich saltiness of salt toffee. Wonderful, for neophytes and "experts" alike.

    13th February 2012


    Fab whisky, Hard to get hold of in England, but well worth the trouble!

    12th October 2011


    a surprise ,a light peaty taste. orange and smokey just fantastic dram .This is my current favorite whiskey ...

    16th January 2011

    Complex richness!

    This is an epic dram, a lot is going in the nose - eg. smoky&juicy oranges, thoroughly thick palate delivering what the nose had acknowledged!!!

    16th February 2010

    Very satisfaying

    A bit peaty, delicious oranges in the nose with perfect oily texture and a characterful finish. It is a great whisky. I wish there was a cask strength edition of this nice tipple.

    15th February 2010

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