Maker's Mark 46 Whiskey 70cl

American Whiskey • 70cl • 47%
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Maker's Mark 46
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Country American Whiskey
Distillery/Brand Maker's Mark
Style Bourbon Whiskey

Maker's Mark 46

The first line extension to the Maker's Mark range since the '50s, Maker's 46 is essentially the standard expression with added spice. This bourbon was not intended to compete with the core expression, instead it's a cousin to it, something different for those that like spicy whiskey. They add this extra dimension by inserting seared French oak staves into the barrels (with the stave profile "number 46" - thus the name). It's utterly stunning.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Toffee sweetness and the saw dust from freshly cut wood. Has a very toasty aroma, with sweet spices and deep, thick caramel.

Palate Creamy and very soft. Then it opens up, in fact it explodes with spiciness which concentrates on the tip of the tongue. It’s on nutmeg, mulled wine spices, allspice, cinnamon. Also a hint of hot apple juice.

Finish A natural progression of the palate with the sweet spices and it concentrates on the tongue – this may be one of the few times you’ll notice a concentration of sweetness like this from a bourbon. It also becomes grassy after a minute or so.

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Reviews for Maker's Mark 46
Flavour change
What have they done to one of the nicest bourbons. We compared this new shaped bottle of 46 to a old shaped bottle of 46. Chalk and cheese. We could not drink this new stuff.
Clifton L , United Kingdom
7 months ago
Mmm French oak
A pleasant surprise from the red wax stable . Real spice with a great depth of character . Would definitely invest in another bottle
Jonno , United Kingdom
8 months ago
Love the french oak
One of my favourite budget pours
Andrew Mainprize , United Kingdom
one year ago
Too spicy and sweet, not Makers Mark at all
Tommi , Finland
one year ago
A staple of the bar
A really good bourbon with good spice and mouth feel
Andrew M , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Complex, caramel bomb
Caramel sweetness, Christmas spices, incredibly smooth for 47abv and creamy mouth feel. Probably the best valued whiskey for the cost I've ever had.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Sweet but sophisticated
Vanilla, buttery with a citrusy spicey taste reminiscent of oranges and cloves. A hint of crunchy nut cornflakes with the sweet cereal and peanut butter flavours.

Lovely smooth caramelised finish.

Great stuff 😁
Campbell M , United Kingdom
3 years ago
A bourbon for scotch enthusiasts
I am more of a scotch guy, especially the Islay selections, but do enjoy a bourbon from time to time. Makers is ok...but Makers 46 is a significant notch up. Smoother, more satisfying finish. Worth the extra $. Good value here in Nova Scotia.
Scott K , Canada
3 years ago
Bloody delicious
Lovely spicy notes and grassy finish. Really worth getting another bottle
Wedgengineer , Australia
3 years ago
Love oak woody flavor
Very oaky and way better than original Makers Mark - this is my go to everyday bourbon. Has buttery cinnamon flavors and woodsy oak flavors on the palate- really nice finish too. This is not the original - absolute heaven for me and I usually like Wild Turkey bourbons with their rye.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago