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Jim Beam White Label

(70cl, 40.0%)
Jim Beam White Label

Jim Beam White Label Details

(Jim Beam)

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User Rating
(49 Reviews)

Jim Beam White Label Bottling Note

Jim Beam bourbon undergoes distillation at lower temperatures and is distilled to no more than 62.5%, the White label is aged for four years and has quite a high percentage of rye in the mashbill.
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Jim Beam White Label (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is quite sweet with gentle notes of vanilla and cut hay, a touch of fresh corn fields and a little cereal sweetness, like the bluegrass fields of Kentucky. The palate is of good body with notes of toasty oak and all the requisite notes of vanilla and crème anglaise, a little spice and pepper with an acetone note. The finish is of toasty oak and resin with a some sweetness.

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    User Reviews of the Jim Beam White Label

    "Better' than JB Black

    Having decided I wanted a change from Scotch, I bought both JB white and black label, Knob Creek 9, Wild Turkey 101 and Bulleit (NAS). I like them all, for different reasons, except the JB Black. I find that unpalatable and struggling to get through the bottle, even with mixers. The JB White is what I would regard as being a good, solid all-rounder. At the price, it deserves a 4.

    13th March 2015

    Loved it.

    Just finished a bottle, Loved it straight... Definatly going to buy some more.

    2nd March 2015

    Shockingly Good!

    OK, I'm an uneducated swine, but it's cheap, has no pretensions, and an utterly beguiling simplicity. Vanilla (lots!), toffee and maybe a little barley sugar all contained by a sweet, gentle oakishness. Corny, indeed, but in a good way.
    Every time I drink this, it gets harder to justify spending more on a bottle of anything. Full marks on VFM alone -how do they do it? Enjoy a shameless, simple treat!

    25th February 2015


    Drank Jack for years but have gotten to appreciate Beam. A very good value for a good whiskey.

    13th February 2015

    A good beginners bourbon

    The nose is very subtle almost tough to pick up on an aroma. I did pic up on light vanilla and oak. The sip is very light not a whole lot of flavor. There are hints spice, a lot of oak and light vanilla, but nothing special. The finish is dry with some spice. Overall white label is not bad, but nothing to write home about.

    19th January 2015

    Decent for price point

    While this lacks some of the complexity and fruity notes of Jack Daniels, it's still very drinkable, and at about 8 bucks less per 750ml. While it doesn't have the richer caramel/bananabread flavors of Jack Daniels, it does have nicely balanced corn/nut qualities and a pleasing smoke flavor.

    Would definitely buy again, not as rich as Jack Daniels but perfectly fine in its own right. I'd think of it as a budget "good" Bourbon whiskey. Bourbon whiskey that I've tried that's at a lower price point than this has universally been undrinkable.

    10th January 2015

    Good for newcomers

    Smoky taste for that price is really nice, really good for novices to experiment liquors.

    I experimented the same taste savoring expensive whiskeys, and that one is a first state to flavors for new comers.

    13th December 2014

    The Worst

    It sucks and that's the truth!!

    2nd December 2014

    Not bad

    woody note with hints of cola, corn, vanilla, floral, solvent and sweetness. rather sweet on the palate which tastes like how it smells. a short lived but precise finish as well. All in all not a bad bourbon for its price.

    17th October 2014


    A real Kentucky bourbon, which brings back memories of days gone by. Oh where has I.W. Harper gone? Great with ice on a long, hot evening

    9th October 2014

    the original

    This is, in my opinion, the best whiskey you can get for under $30. Great whiskey

    9th October 2014

    Classic story

    it's a bit harsh at first sip, but you'll get used to as the bottle goes down, it goes well with some ice and you can add some same range I prefer Jack Daniel's No.7 instead

    5th September 2014

    Scotch vs Bourbon

    I'm usually a scotch drinker but scotch is a little low on stock in the remote area im from. So i picked up a bottle of bourbon, and drank it like i would scotch, the smell is pretty strong like woody and oaky, and the flavor is pretty much like the nose, it has a slight sweet oaky taste, and a kick, which i take to be the rye in the mashbill. The taste of corn is different then barley, but a grain nonetheless, not bad mixed with barley and rye....It's different then scotch, more oaky, more bite then scotch, but scotch is different.

    31st August 2014

    My love

    Jim Beam is my love, it reminds me of the beautiful sunset of the old days.

    7th August 2014

    Too fruity

    Easy drinking but some tutti-frutti, like bubble gum. I prefer Jack Daniels...

    12th July 2014

    Decent for the price

    It's good neat or with a cube of ice. Don't expect a game changer at such a low price.. You get what you pay for cheap as$! Great introduction if your new to whiskey but there are much better offerings if you want to see what bourbon has to offer, but will cost you more for that treat... Jim Beam is solid, but not complex.

    1st July 2014

    Can't beat the price

    I don't understand the negative reviews. This is a great bourbon! Sure you can find a much better drink, but you will pay a lot more. Don't expect a highly complex Bourbon at such a low price.

    15th June 2014

    Ice ice baby

    Dont try drinking this stuff neat. Its hard as nails. Plenty of ice though and it softens it considerably and a wonderful yeast/rye sourness comes through. As you approach the bottom, you should still have plenty of ice left. It gets sweeter and more rye comes through the more dilute. Has to chilled or it tastes nasty. I can't explain why this is so good but on ice its the best booze going.

    8th June 2014

    My Favorite

    My favorite as a mix in my Manhattans and Rusty Nails. Just makes them taste so much better.

    26th May 2014

    Nice on the rocks

    I've tried a lot of the non-single barrel bourbons this month courtesy of some friends with expense accounts (!). On my desk I have: Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select, Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek, Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack (yes I know but including for sake of supermarket sweepness) and Maker's Mark. Woodford is bloody vile. Its bottled at 43% and boy can you taste that extra 3%. Too much booze kills the normally sweet mouthfeel and leaves you reaching for ice. Which then does a JWB and it falls apart completely on the rocks. Astringent, wood but new wood not pleasant at all. Overpriced shyte! Buffalo Trace is great on the rocks but I feel again its too full blown. Too much of everything (very American I guess). Its nice enough but not something you want to drink just the one double. Knob Creek was just a huge disappointment. Granted its the entry level one. But still. Almost undrinkable. Booze, booze and more booze. Nothing much else. Maker's Mark was far more enjoyable; loads of oak and corn sweetness and plenty of 'spice'. Now this was a huge surprise to me too but Jim Beam White Label. On ice (4 smallish cubes) + three fingers. A minute to settle. Its just the best of the bunch. A perfect balance between sweet, booze, oak and a yeasty freakiness that just hits all the right bits of your tongue. I can't understand why a £15 bottle of mass produced 'filth' is the best 'cheap' bourbon you can pick up from Asda or the ilk. But it is. If you like to be blown away a-la-mouthwash then get some Trace. But if you like a sweet/sour/oaky apperatif of an evening then Jim Beam is a great product. Unpretentious and highly affordable. 10 from me.

    29th April 2014


    This is the only whiskey there is where i get a hangover from after 2 glasses

    27th April 2014

    not bad

    Overall its decent and cheap obviously there's better in my opinion but for the price good choice

    11th April 2014

    Existential Bliss

    I lay, struggling, staring at the half finished glass of Jim Beam from the night before. Every second the clock ticks, I question my manhood more and more. I know I'm better than that - to leave a half empty glass of whiskey - and sadly the glass knows I am too. It begs me to imbibe it's sweet venom, but I can't, can I? On a Sunday morning? Blasphemy! Society would never understand.

    I try to move on, but the game of cat and mouse continues. I struggle to clean, emptying half finished beer after half finished beer, but I simply can't bring myself to pour out what's left of my fallen friend.

    Playfully it bats its eyes, and nudges me to take control...I know what it wants, and part of me wants it more. I can't do this! The pressure grows! "Why have you forsaken me?" I scream to the heavens. It's at that very moment I realize this is my destiny.

    I succumb to the sweet calls of the siren and place my lips upon the glass of (now warm) melted ice and sweet nectar of the gods. Memories of college apartments, black mold, wrapping paper on the walls, and faded glory flash before my eyes. The smell of molasses and sour mash take over. My tongue dances fancifully as the layers of smokey flavors take me on a path to total Nirvana.

    2nd March 2014

    Drink it in a long glass!!

    This is a great product and brand drink it in a long glass full of ice mixed with ginger ale and a wedge of lime superb.

    9th February 2014


    This is good bourbon. Great? No. But is good and certainly great for the price. Be a man and order it up and enjoy.

    1st February 2014

    Jim Beam is Good

    It tastes like heaven, you can't find any other bottle at this price range.

    8th January 2014

    Decent, value bourbon

    WAY nicer than JD No7

    5th January 2014


    Anyone who rates this as under 4 stars is talking crap. Superb taste for the money, full-stop.

    3rd January 2014

    Aussie bogan

    me mate gave me some of this the other day while we were down at the footy and I swear the barbecue sauce at the sausage sizzle had more notes in it. it's like someone's put some wood, dirty socks and some corn and left it in a barrel with
    grey water for a couple of years and put it in a bottle. I feel sorry for me mate dazza who ended up with a 4.5 litter bottle of it. but seriously it's not bloody worth the hangover for it.

    1st October 2013

    forgot to rate

    three and a half stars (being generous)

    20th September 2013

    a great point of reference

    You have to start somewhere and Beam white is not a bad start as far as bourbon is concerned; I feel you can not appreciate a Wild Turkey 101 and Elijah Craig fully until you have tasted so called "baseline" products as a point of reference...Jack Nicholson drank Beam white in "Easy Rider"...nuff said:)

    20th September 2013



    10th July 2013

    Real Bourbon

    If you don't like Jim Beam,than maybe you just don't like straight bourbon whiskey.

    28th June 2013


    I don't like the oak background taste at all, but that's probably just me. Not too shabby otherwise. Not too shabby at all. 7/10

    1st June 2013


    Anyone saying that this isn't worth drinking, is a sissy- this is whiskey not a bottle of chablis. If you cant handle beam, pick your Michelob ultra and go back to the kiddie table. Beam has a very pleasant taste and compared to many other bourbons, Beam isn't too much of a gut rot. I drink it straight on the a dirty glass...and smoking a paul maul, unfiltered...were talking America pal! Happy Drinking all, be safe and don't drive

    30th May 2013



    26th April 2013

    For the money the best

    Never gives me a hangover and you don't need to mix it

    30th March 2013

    not a benchmark bourbon.

    Drinkable but better out there for the money especially if you drink neat. McFees Benchmark bourbon is by far the smoother man, cheaper too.

    3rd March 2013

    I'll see your half a star and raise you 5 stars

    This is just to counteract the stupidity of the guy above who posted an unreasonably low rating twice.

    27th February 2013

    Low rating not warranted

    Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort are the only American whiskey’s I’ve ever tried and they were enough to completely put me off exploring American whiskey’s any further but I thought I’d better give a straight bourbon a try so naturally I went for the other major American whisky brand, Jim Beam. Having been a keen Scotch drinker the for a good few years and recently had some particularly fine Scotch’s I was expecting it to be a bit of a chore to get the Jim Beam down but I was very pleasantly surprised. Do not take heed to the low user ratings, this is very pleasant whisky, I would question whether the bright fella above who posted his review twice and that can barely string together a sentence that makes any sense has even tried this because to say this is tasteless is absolute nonsense. Having never had a proper bourbon before I was expecting it to be a bit of an oak monster but it isn’t, there is no doubt a fair bit of oak up front but just the right amount and it’s balanced very well against a honey and vanilla sweetness.

    27th February 2013

    bloody horrible

    a soft sweet nose was promising but this abomination is one of the worst things I've ever drunk. Avoid.

    5th January 2013

    Love it

    Drinking it right now, whilst looking at possible other beam purchases. its a good quality, easy drink. perfect with ice, i never mix my whiskeys anyway. its cheap and available almost anywhere. but you should buy all your drink off master of malt, their service is spot on.

    15th December 2012

    Jim Beam No 1 fan

    Are you people crazy - it is obvious they wouldn't know a good Bourban if it jumped up and bit them.

    4th September 2012

    agree with the champ

    agree with the champ, kind of...sometimes you just want that extra elijah craig 12 or something, but as far as basics go: two thumbs the way - nice ad by one ofe my fave actors: Mr Willem Dafoe!

    12th June 2012

    The Champ

    Anyone who would rate this whiskey poor is someone who simply doesn't like Whiskey. I believe Jim Beam to be one of the finest Whiskeys to drink on the rocks, or straight up in shots,and especially for the price. I have sampled many brands over the years, and can afford to drink what I want. Yet, my brand of choice, has remained the same. (still Jim Beam). Always a good experience from start to finish. Not for Snobs, who tend toward quirkier, generally stronger tastes, smells and finishes, but rather for those that simply want a consistently superior, smoother tasting Bourbon.

    25th February 2012


    Its very bad, tasteless, unpleasant, not even good to your nose. i highly recommend not to have this if you getting it for free also. Please if you are a real liquor lover dont just go on the price. Rest your choice......

    15th July 2011


    Its very bad, tasteless, unpleasant, not even good to your nose. i highly recommend not to have this if you getting it for free also. Please if you are a real liquor lover dont just go on the price. Rest your choice......

    15th July 2011

    Richard Murfin reviews the white

    Having just reviewed the black I thought I'd mention the white. Jim beam white is often labelled as a great mixing whiskey. This title is often used to desrcribe a mundane blend that can be hidden by coca cola or lemonade. Id say calling this a mixing whiskey only does it a disservice. Jim beam is a great sipping whiskey too. The nose is vanilla, corn and even marzipan. The taste follows very well , again with vanilla and mild spices. The finish is sweet with mild wood and a hint of vanilla. Overall a superb bourbon and better than most competitors in the same price bracket. The only other bourbon of the same price id put on a par is Evan Williams ( another underrated bourbon you shoudl check out) .

    4th October 2010

    Maize infusion

    The soft texture of this dram is very pleasant but the nose is too full of maize smell.

    29th September 2009

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