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Isle Of Jura Superstition

(70cl, 43.0%)
Isle Of Jura Superstition

Awards for Isle Of Jura Superstition

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Island - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Distillers' Single Malts 12 years and under - 2014

International Spirits Challenge


Scotch Single Malt - Island - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Isle Of Jura Superstition Details

(Isle of Jura)

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User Rating
(79 Reviews)

Isle Of Jura Superstition Bottling Note

Made up of whiskies aged for 13 years and 21 years, with 13 percent heavily peated malt. It turns out Stevie was wrong, Superstition is the way…
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Isle Of Jura Superstition (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Gristy and quite like new make. This is a young whisky, though it offers up the same evocative smoke and heady malt that you’d expect from an older Jura. It’s quite sweet and creamy, and reminds us of Chantilly cream.

Palate: Sweet and porridge-like. A cereal fest on the tongue, with hints of white pepper and black forest honey with hot buttered toast. Oily.

Finish: Medium length with hints of honey and spice on the tail.

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    User Reviews of the Isle Of Jura Superstition

    A lovely dram

    Lightly peated, complex and substantial, especially for the price. If you like Talisker 10 and Caol Isla, you'll probably like this.

    P.S. The number of people commenting here with very a narrow (dare I say "shallow") taste for whisky, is quite annoying. People who don't like peat, for example, simply should not review peated drams (just like deaf people should not review music)

    20th May 2015

    Bill Montgomery

    Sorry to say it, but I think it's as rough as a badger's arse.

    24th April 2015


    I think one of the best jura whisky.

    3rd April 2015

    First timer

    First time buying anything from Jura....... I really was pleasantly surprised how different this tasted from various single malts I've tried over the years... I must admit I never spend more than £40 on a whisky full stop.... So always looking for the special offers/ deals... This Jura came from the duty free.... All I can say the flavour is awesome whether you drink it neat or let it rest for 10/15 mins with a little added spring water. .. Well worth replacing once the end of the bottle has been reached

    23rd February 2015

    J. Roerbaek

    This is a great whisky.

    8th February 2015


    Had a bottle bought for my birthday in January 2015. Definite taste similar to that of TCP, obviously an acquired taste. Think this one will
    stay in the drinks cabinet- very disappointing drink.

    2nd February 2015

    Step up your game

    I'm a boring floral fruity whisky drinker and I came across this in duty free. it hasn't quite converted me to a peat smoke guy but credit given where credit is due and Jura have opened my eyes with this one. Not as easy as Bushmills or Jameson but a good step away from them. By ur second home measure you will appreciate the work done here.

    16th January 2015

    D. Macdonald

    I'm having a bit of trouble with my Jura Superstition. On a trip abroad last year I visited the duty-free and sampled this whisky. I do not normally like Islay malts. A bit too harsh on my throat and the " Jeyes fluid" smell a bit off putting but saying that I would not be rude to mine host and refuse one if there was nothing else, so over the years I have imbibed in quite a few. This sample was smooth, not in the least harsh and bordering on a Speyside which I confess to be my favourite. Without hesitation a fine litre of Superstition was purchased and I must add, thoroughly enjoyed, not only by me but also some friends who also lean to the Speyside taste. I have purchased more as gifts for a couple of friends purely on their reactions from drinking mine. My bottle finally ended just before Christmas and I did not hesitate in buying another even though the cost of a pint bottle was the same as my duty-free litre. And that's when my troubles began...apart from the size, the bottles are identical. Same percentage volume, lightly peated, smoke and spice etc but as soon as I poured I knew it was different. It was the very strong smell that puts me off Islay malts and then I swallowed and thought I'd burnt my throat. I've persevered, with water, without water, let it sit, over a bit of ice but nothing helps. It's just too harsh. What happened to that lovely smooth, honey caramel taste with the sea salt finish? It's so different I'm beginning to wonder if our export market get the good stuff and we get the burnt barrel remnants. So it's difficult to give a rating. Old bottle was the best I've had in a long time and the new bottle is as rough as they come. I hope I haven't upset my friends.

    8th January 2015


    I love my single malts; This one is not quite smooth and maybe just on the harsh side. I found it very smoky and peaty to the tongue and yet interesting. Not my first choice but I will always keep a bottle in my whisky cupboard just for an occasional change. :)

    4th January 2015

    Overpriced but very tasty

    This isn't great whisky. It isn't BAD whisky either. I have to say that because I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it on the rocks and absolutely recommend it to you as a refreshing lightly peated dram to enjoy on ice. This despite a few things: 1. It's clearly overpriced at £25. Absurd price imho. Its a £20 max bottle. Other bottles with actual age statements of 12 are the same price. Sorry Jura this is not good value. I can only presume this is because it is Limited Edition. And people are stupid. Mostly the latter. 2. They used a bloody ridiculous amount of e150 in this bottling. It's embarassingly excessive. It looks like Cherry Coke. Why?! 3. This is the same price as Ardmore's peated trad cask, non-chill. That is a far better whisky. So why buy the Jura? Availability and the fact Jura is often discounted in stores - who I suspect are to blame for the inflated price in all fairness.
    So on to the dram itself .. Toffee, caramel, peat. Sweet finish. Great on ice. But definitely well young make. This is not mature cheddar. Its on a par with a good blended like JWB. Sans the nasty grain influence. Try it. If you like it you like it. I found it a bit funky at first but like a less than stellar bottle of red you can get past that .. and enjoy it! Overall I think you'd want to be buying the Ardmore if you like strong oily LIGHTLY peated highlands. Islay this is not! The Superstition is however a good alternative. This young, non-age statement, lightly peated sweet on the finish and great sipping whisky. Better than a blend and definitely better value than a Bourbon. Recommend. 3.5 stars from me!

    2nd January 2015

    Not the star of the show

    Give me the simplicity of Jura Origin any day. The Superstition is too confused.

    15th December 2014

    Advice on this bottle

    in my experience with this whisky, it first come out of the bottle and into your glass with a young new make vibe that I find a little gross. But, if you add a little water and give it about 15-20 minutes in the glass, it settles down and becomes quite good. It's not super complex, but a very interesting blend of smoky and sweet cereal flavors.

    22nd November 2014

    harry thomson

    why does packaging say limited edition when bottle is same as ordinary bottle of superstion?

    28th October 2014

    Chris painter

    Not the smoothest of malts, but the peaty chocolate intense notes came through. Personally, I prefer ledaig or dalwhinnie,( Laphroaig is close but not as rich.)

    26th October 2014

    ken wilson

    This is my favourite,
    I offer it to special friends only its inspired us to visit jura shortly

    18th October 2014

    Brian Goldie

    A superb peated Jura, and one to share in good company ( or keep to yourself if you wish ). Sweet toffee notes, explosive on the palate and a long smoky finish. Drooling at the thought.

    13th October 2014

    something to come back to...

    I decided that I was going to buy a new single malt yesterday. If I had the money I'd have bought something else along with it, or sprung for a more expensive/older single malt. I had heard good things about this, so after a long period of drooling over the single malt section in a fairly local supermarket I went for this.

    I wasn't sure what to expect, and I wasn't taken back by the nose or the palate. I would like to come back and try it when I have more time to relax with it - I'll probably re-review it.

    I have to agree with one of the other reviews on here, it is more than just slightly peated, but not too much. Definately spice in there, and a subtle sweetness. Opens up well if left with a drop or two of water. The finish reminded me very much of Talisker Storm. 6/10 - I will come back to it at some point as mentioned.

    21st August 2014

    Smooth, crisp, golden touch of lovely...

    A nice dram this one is, having enjoyed an entire bottle I would say my favorite part was the good bye dram. The nose and finish complimented sweets perfectly (a peanut brittle with spice) to finish in such a way was almost like having the spirit take a bow after its last encore of a riveting and enjoyable stage performance. Okay, enough with the poetry, the nose is light with a touch of sweet and spice, the bit is gentle and enjoyable and as the flavors emerge after the swallow, the creamy sweet flavors left settle well and linger like a cherished memory... it is a good spirit, nice summer evening fair, and while the light peat makes it a decent compliment to savory flavors, it excelled when paired with sweets.

    1st August 2014

    My first Jura.

    I am currently on my quest of Ian buxton's 101 whiskeys to try before you die and this was next on my list.

    you can defiantly smell the oak in this and in my opinion it tastes very earthy.

    not the best whiskey I've tasted but if you like Peaty ones this will be right up your street.

    22nd July 2014


    Theres a bottle w in my kitchen w and I ain't opened it yet. I give it top marks as I know it's gonna do what I want. Get me drunk! :D what a great drink!!!

    18th July 2014


    Nice balance of characteristics, surprisingly so at this price, pleasing on the palate, finishes well. Even spicier with a few drops of water, and actually refreshing over ice. Each sip savours differently. A nice start before enjoying something more robust.

    11th July 2014

    Great affordable single malt

    One of my favourite, smooth, slightly salty, not too smoky. Taste is complete, you don't feel suprised with unnecessary hints like you do with some Scottish blends.

    10th May 2014

    value with style

    Unique for the palet.

    30th April 2014

    Experience of a smooth flight.

    The buttery smooth flavour with a tinge of garden fresh fragrance sailing over the North Sea part my inviting lips to kiss this golden beauty which slowly slips through the sensitive sentinels which get charmed by its warm tingling touch and roll over my ever discerning tongue which surrenders at the first touch radiating ripples of joyous sensations through the ever alert nerves to the mind, body and spirit. With JS taking over the stick, the flight over and under the clouds is smooth and safe. Who wouldm't enjoy it. Vijay Ratnakar (frequent flyer)

    26th April 2014


    Nothing wrong with. This it cured my cold.

    Trouble is what to do now .ha ha get my wife to buy another bottle

    23rd April 2014

    Peer Shi'ite pesh.

    Hoots mon! 2 wee drams o'this will make ye a barnpot. It's the lick o'therish! Fandabbydozytastic big man aye!

    15th April 2014

    Pretentious Fuds

    Isle of Jura superstition

    23rd February 2014

    To Couldn't get on with this

    "on the rocks with a splash of pepsi"
    Good lord man, that's blasphemy

    22nd February 2014

    Very smooth

    Superstition is fantastic and the peaty taste is very welcome. Cant wait to try their Prophecy (heavily peated)as I love the flavour. Superb whiskey

    22nd February 2014

    Pleasantly, and delightfully, surprised!

    First off.... I really enjoyed the comments on this page. All of them! Every hint, every niche, every pinpoint of everyone's comment was truthful to the nature of this Single Malt.

    In all fairness, it a medium-level, all-inclusive, not-quite-standard-yet-fully-distinct Scotch. For ardent Single Malt lovers... it brings an air of nostalgia to the lesser whiskys from the past. For the Precepts into the world of SM-Scotch, it's a bit too harsh. For the mid-level lot, it's hit or miss.

    And yes, Jura Superstition is all of that! But yet, it carries a finesse that can't quite be hit upon at any rate.

    I didn't get the "Tequila" aspect as others did from the glass. It wasn't until I took a few good whiffs straight from the neck of the bottle that I found it. Yes, it does carry a level of that Spirit's essence. But for my own opine, I cannot mark that as a negative. To me, it's quite fascinating. Again, just for myself, I find the note of the nose from the neck of the bottle as close to some of the best Anejo's I've ever had. It's not a nose I would associate with Blancos or Reposados.

    As far as the flavors it carries, it is quite a mixed bag. It's almost as if the Distiller wanted to incorporate anything and everything that all the Scotch lovers of the world want in their drink, and crammed it into one bottle.

    At first sip, it's harsh, smoky, delicately sweet, yet limp at the end. On second sip, it airs out more to a pleasant peat smoke, followed by a richer caramel/marzipan sugar coat, to which the finish is almost soothing. On third sip, smoke and peat fight for recognition, followed by traces of brown sugar, honey, chewy malt.... all to finish off with all those aspects as they wither into oblivion.

    With a drip of water, it almost transforms into a perfume/heather oasis. At this stage, it becomes a concurrent mosh of Islay & Speyside. Floral dew intertwines with briny peat, enveloping your tongue with treacle, finishing off like jazz.

    Going further and dropping a cube of ice into the mix, it becomes a playground of petulant, sugar-addled children. Every note of the Scotch runs around, vying for not only your attention, but unrequited appreciation.

    At times, it does come off as the cheapest blend. At others, it hints of a refined masterpiece. But overall, it sways back and forth in twain.

    It definitely should be a recommend to try. And, you just may fall in love with it fully. It truly is an enigma at best, and a fine experiment at its worst.

    1st February 2014


    I've just had a first taste. I was shocked and convinced it was a fake. Got it from Sainsbury over Xmas 2013. It set me to thinking about fake whisky. A lot of profit in it. More than the fake vodka we keep hearing about. Of all the people buying a bottle of supposed single malt, how many will immediately know if the product is fake.. I have been drinking Islay malts, plus Laphraoig, plus Glenlivet etc for years. This Jura tasted like a blended Bells? So who does one go to? It is the perfect scenario for ripping punters off. Who can arbitrate taste? The police? The manager at Sainsbury's? Is the game worth the candle? As someone wrote up above, if this is the genuine article, then it is only fit for giving to someone who wants their whisky mixed, probably with a lot of mixer. Other than that, how should we deal with a substituted cheap fake whisky for a bottle of supposed single malt?

    8th January 2014

    Couldn't get on with this

    I've tried a few drams, but the aroma and aftertaste seldom proved agreeable. This little number is best tried "Beag Air Bheag", which is Scottish Gaelic for "on the rocks with a splash of pepsi"

    29th December 2013


    Must say was not expecting what I tasted after the nose. Found this malt to be at it's best with a little water and time. Obviously a fairly young malt but nonetheless unique and after travelling through a range of tastes loved the delicately salted finish. Will definately be on the the shopping list again.

    26th December 2013


    Damn good stuff!

    20th December 2013

    for the right time and place

    'beginner's' comments are spectacularly pretentious and unhelpful. This is a very enjoyable drop, though i believe that the ratios involved in the blend may have changed, the first few bottles of these carried a lot of the character of the older spirit and the recent bottle i drank was a bit brighter and younger tasting, though it could just be down to batch differences? Easy drinking with enough peat to make it lovely on a cold winter's night without making it challenging to enjoy. Perfect if you find Ardbeg undrinkable an the other Islay malts tasty but too peaty to be ideal for a whole session!

    27th October 2013

    Not my taste of a good whisky

    Hard hitting, sharp, very special taste... not my taste though...

    25th September 2013

    Unexpected silkiness with surprising character

    Smooth as silk at first touch with plenty of surprising character after a moment. Surprisingly and very interesting taste!

    9th September 2013

    distinct pleasure

    This is a delight. It has an element of surprise. Far more interesting than many Duras yet more similar to it's Islay cousins. As a fan of Ardbeg and Lagavulin I thought this had an elemental appeal not to be takane lightly. Worth a try and very reasonably priced too. Slainte!

    2nd September 2013

    No. 1

    The Best I Have EVER Tasted.

    1st September 2013

    My ideal

    I tasted Jura Superstition against Cooper's 1977, Bushmills Black Label, Bushmills Gold Label 1608 and Jameson's Redbreast 12 year old, using a small amount of water in each of them. The Jura was, to my taste, the best of them . I particularly liked the touch of peat, there but not overwhelming, together with a sweetness and the unfolding flavours revealed by the water. If I could only have one whisky again it would be this one.

    29th July 2013

    A nice introduction

    Personally I have found this whisky to be a nice introduction to the world of pleated malts, neat you get the full pleated effect, add a couple of drops of water or a cube of ice to realese the underlying flavours and slowly "wean" yourself to neat either way a true delight as per all Jura's

    28th June 2013

    Really nice

    Sweet and smoky. A more interesting dram you'll do well to find at the price. Well done, Jura distillery.

    14th June 2013

    Candy whisky

    Ok I start out with something nice to say: It is definitely a drinking whisky that will go down easily, the first time I tasted it my brain said 'candy'.
    And that is correct, even too much much sweetness and fruit. The smell is nearly disappointing. Isle of Jura is definitely not something for the connoisseur. And the content of the bottle have been dyed.

    31st May 2013

    Really not to my taste

    Smell is quite unpleasant and taste very average. Bought it once, would not do it again

    21st May 2013

    Quiet simply 10 out of 10

    Excellent whisky, not your usual from Jura. A definite winner, 10 out of 10

    28th April 2013

    I bought this on a whim in town

    And to say it's slightly peaty is an understatement. While it's obviously a quality product, it's also one for those moments where you feel like something different.

    A very young, intriguing whisky that suits its name.

    19th April 2013

    ok but won't bother again

    Got a half bottle as it was on offer,very distinctive but not for me..

    31st March 2013


    Have been an occasional single malt and cigar guy for some time, but find myself daydreaming about my next taste of Superstition the day following my last dram. For me this is my first cravingly addictive scotch.

    27th March 2013


    The smell is quite nonchalant. The first sip was full of flavour, but it quickly loses all personality after a couple of sips. This is a nice drinking whisky if your looking to get drunk. The taste of sea is lovely.

    14th March 2013

    Tantalising from first to last

    When this is first poured, the nose is tequilaesque, light and fresh but there is a hint of iodine in there nodding to its Isle nature. As it opens (a piece of ice or a small splash of water is my recommendation) there is sheep's pelts, buttered popcorn and caramel. The taste carries all the classic Isle flavours, sweet, smoked, peaty. There's spices in there, pepper and cloves. The tang of iron and sea air is on the finish. Over all a pleasing and complex whiskey, 6/10

    7th February 2013

    ...Er...I didn't want to like this, but it is spectacularly understatedly magnificent.

    ...Er...I didn't want to like this, but it is spectacularly understated-ly magnificent. It truly is a magnificent concept. It isn't your typical jura whisky, or any whisky for that starts with a peaty hit, not islay strength peat, but a noticeable peat presence. Then the peat almost fades to a liquorishy/aniseed not behind the depth of cereal rich malt which has a sugar coating of a rich sherry exterior. After a few moments you hardly recognise the peat as peat, it is so well blended. That melts a way like the coating on the outside of a "smartie" sweet, revealing velvety smooth rich smooth centre...this is like a chocolate truffle sweet - It isnt the same the whole way through, it changes. Harder exterior, soft centre. The velvety smooth nature of this malt gives a wonderful mouth feel.

    I had this after a meal, finishing with a desert of lemon torte and the sweet butter rich notes, anchored with the background peat, was the perfect accompaniment.

    I'm not a Jura fan, this was a gift to me, but I will definitely be getting another...

    1st February 2013


    took me a while but this has Marmite flavours enjoyable but very different

    31st December 2012


    This was a present and I now need to reevaluate the friendship. Superstition is too weak a name... This Whisky is all facts, and none of them good. Avoid at all costs. Will keep in my boot in case I run out of petrol.

    27th December 2012

    Love it

    5 stars

    6th December 2012

    Love it

    I love this stuff, it's like you're smoking a pipe!

    6th December 2012

    My house brew...

    Not a HUGE fan of overly smokey/peaty malts (so sue me), I found the full hit of the Superstition followed by the long, mellow rolloff that almost tasted of salt air to be a perfect sipping whisky. I've had better, but not by a lot, and CERTAINLY not for anywhere near the price. It's what fills my flask everywhere I take it and I've not had a friend disappointed yet!

    27th October 2012

    Superstition Award

    Jura Superstition has been named The Whisky Shop’s Whisky of the Year 2012.

    The Whisky Shop has 20 stores across the UK with around 3 million customers visiting their stores every year.

    It’s Whisky of the Year award is chosen by a mix of consumers, sales and recommendations from the store managers. Jura Superstition beat off stiff competition from over 300 other whiskies in store, including Dalmore 12 which won the award last year.

    4th October 2012


    Obviously those of you complaining about the nose are beginners who've never had a smoky astringent Scotch like this or Laphroaig. Thistle guys stick to Johnny Walker Red Label with Coke. This stuff's awesome!

    4th August 2012

    Disappointingly not as smooth as I prefer

    OK but a bit too coarse for me. One I will keep for anyone who drinks with a mixer

    1st August 2012

    Quite simply...delicious!

    After more than 40 years of tasting excellent scotches, I can honestly say that this one brought a smile to my face, a feast to my palate, and a warm afterglow to my tummy. I'm not as poetic as most of the reviewers on this site, (and I truly appreciate their way with words), but I'm old enough to know an exceptional scotch when I taste it, and this is one of them!

    6th July 2012

    Exactly what other say about the smell

    Sorry, rating included. 6/10.

    15th February 2012

    Exactly what other say about the smell

    The smell on this whiskey is quite peculiar, a musty aroma with a slight pungent high sweet whiff, caramel. The taste is instant to the fore, which I felt was slightly too much lower tang without a mid slow cycle burn to follow on. I got a dark lonely bitter hit of pepper instantly followed by a delayed but smooth lasting oil/honey. The aftertaste is definitely better than the initial puff of pepper. Where a something like Talisker 10 yr has you curious for more with a good 'afterglow', this doesn't quite capitalize on the initial pepperfest.

    To me - bad smell, average initial taste, definitely a good aftertaste.
    Worth a try.

    15th February 2012

    1/3 of the bottle in

    When I first opened the bottle I was surprised by the difference of flavor from other whiskeys I have tried over the years. The closest was a Dalwhinnie stored in Sherry barrels and it took me a while to get used to as well. Well worth the effort given the reasonable price. I drink mine from a shot glass after letting it sit for a couple of minutes. I leave it my mouth for at least ten seconds and then swallow. Smooth on the swallow and complex flavors too many to mention definitely peat and charcoal and sherry and some spiciness. May buy it again if I get the opportunity to buy at the right price like this time around.

    11th February 2012

    Very average - for a beginner

    Oops, forgot the rating: 5/10

    5th January 2012

    Very average - for a beginner

    I bought one as a present for a friend and he really liked it so as soon as Sainsbury's had it on special again I bought one to try myself. I am disappointed. Whilst I can't describe all the scents and flavours that others get, I know what I like and this is distinctly average when compared with the single malts I've been drinking over this Xmas/New Year. Very light peatyness, briny, light caramel, opens up a bit more with water. Quite a short finish. When I went back to smell the glass later I got distinct dried figs on the nose. Not one I will be buying again. For the sake of comparison I was drinking the following over the break: Talisker 10yo, Glenlivet 12yo, Sainsbury's TTD Islay (Caol Ila?), Aberlour A'Bunadh, Ardbeg 10yo. Not much of those left now, except for the ardbeg... :-)

    5th January 2012

    Try a little ice

    I like over 1 ice cube and let it stand for 5 mins. It opens out then and you get the full range of flavours. I like it, try it.

    27th December 2011


    I send a lot of bottles for my family in Poland. They love it!

    28th November 2011


    This is not a bad malt, especially at the price, but I agree with those who complain about the nose. It smells of cheap tequila (how? why?), a smell anyone who appreciates good drink will despise.

    7th November 2011

    Strange smell

    I really like the taste of it. Not too peaty, and kind of smooth, easy to drink. But it does not smell very good in my opinion. I can't find a word of what it smells, only that I don't like it. Apart from the nose I like it.

    26th October 2011


    Good "Jura" nose, with salty beach air, sea weed...sweet caramel, with a good puff of peat smoke and sun on the heather. Smooth. Spices and orange, a little fire. Oily with grains and creamy notes too...delicious!

    7th October 2011

    Just OK

    Always been tempted by this and when I saw it on offer was hard to resist. First taste was quite harsh, almost that of a blend, but with a small block of ice left to dissolve the harshness was replaced with an array of subtle flavours. A light smokiness with a hint of peat and a touch of honey bringing back memories of a bottle of Bowmore "enigma" bought at heathrows duty free, a very similar bottle. For the price a different and tasty bottle but maybe worth spending a few more of your hard earned notes on something else.

    17th September 2011


    Ah the superstition, Jura's little jewel. A very fair priced malt from the little distillery. Hints of marzipan, a little nutmeg and a lovely hint of smoke and of course the seabreeze. Always a good choice

    20th August 2011

    Not impressed

    I read about this in "101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die". Disappointed, it has that strange nose that Bunnahabhain and Black Bottle share of musty malt(?). While I think it is ok with the fresher spirits in the grand BB, in this, as in Bunnahabhain, it is just a spoiler. Can anyone add re the source of that distinctive nose?

    6th April 2011

    A little too peaty

    While I found this whisky to be warm and smoky on the palette, I still found the Jura to be a little too peaty and hard hitting. That said, this whisky is definitely different from anything that I have tasted so far, so it is certainly unique, and slowly adding water to the dram is the best way to balance out the peat. As others have noted about this whisky, it seems to open up once mixed with water and evolve minute by minute. 3 stars..

    13th February 2011

    Dry white wine girly.........

    On a recent holiday to western Scotland, I tried a few whiskeys from the menu and this was amazing, not brutal just a fantastic taste and moment in time.

    11th December 2010

    To my taste

    Superstition feels like it should be subject to anti-smoking legislation, to be drunk either outside or by an open fire in a well-ventilated environment. The bottle shape and design is great too. I hope to find a better whisky one day - still so many to try! - but fear the 'unique' taste others here have mentioned might prove to be the taste I'm after. Definitely for those who prefer honey/caramel/popcorn/peat type flavours to the vanilla/apple sweetness of some other types of whisky.

    30th August 2010

    Very Interesting

    I agree - this may be a scotch for the man who has everything - although that doesn't stop a guy like me from really enjoying it. Buttered Popcorn on palate entry, sweet smokiness on the finish - capped off with some brineiness and a whisp of the sea. Truly mezmorizing stuff. If you can - get yourself some to save and savor before it is no more!

    20th May 2010

    for the man who has every whisky

    I'm not sure you'd find anyone proclaiming this to be thier favourite whisky, but it is so unique that no collection would be complete without it. Great for when you fancy something different.

    14th December 2009

    Recently my favourite dram

    A real achievement, a classy & complex whisky in that price range.
    Trully well bodied, fresh yet elegant!!!

    20th October 2009

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