Country Swedish Vodka
Distillery/Brand Absolut Company

Absolut Kurant

What did you call me? Oh, you just asked for Absolut Kurant, my bad…

This is a fruity and crisp Swedish vodka flavoured with natural blackcurrant extracts. The results are delectable!

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Absolut Kurant
this is my favorite , so sweet with such a nice flavor !!! but bad news now: it's very hard to find in stores, too bad!!!
Alexandre K , United States
6 years ago
Truely amazing
Rajesh b , India
6 years ago
Absolutely delicious vodka
I usually don't drink vodkas but, a friend of mine offered me and showed me a bottle of vodka at first there was a hesitation as I prefer beer but, as soon as I opened the bottle to smell was soo sweet and fruity like just like a shampoo or a perfume... I was thrilled and wasn't able to resist the urge to drink it...its absolute! Really absolute...nd, I appreciate my friends choice... I drank it neat.... ;)
Aadil B , India
8 years ago