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Absolut Vodka Company

Absolut vodka is a world-renowned vodka made in Sweden. Known for its smooth taste and high quality, Absolut has been a top vodka choice for decades. But what makes Absolut so special?

For starters, the water used to make Absolut vodka comes from a natural spring in the town of Ahus, Sweden. This spring water is so pure that it doesn't need to be filtered before being used in the vodka production process.

In addition, Absolut uses a unique blend of winter wheat to give the vodka its signature smooth taste. All of the wheat used in Absolut vodka is grown in the southern region of Sweden, where the climate is ideal for growing winter wheat.

Absolut vodka is also distilled using a continuous distillation process, which helps to preserve the vodka's flavour and quality. This process also allows Absolut to produce a vodka that is almost entirely free of impurities.

Absolut Vodka’s roots go back to the late 19th century when Lars Olsson Smith began using continuous distillation to create his spirit. The name Absolut Vodka was introduced in 1979, though Smith’s portrait still appears on their distinctive bottles even today.

Absolut Vodka’s distinctive bottle was inspired by old-fashioned medicine flasks. Over the years the label has seen many iterations, though often sticking somewhat close to themes set by the classic Absolut Blue label.

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