1800 Añejo Tequila 70cl

Mexican Tequila • 70cl • 38%
Product details
1800 Añejo Tequila
Country Mexican Tequila
Distillery/Brand 1800

1800 Añejo

An ultra premium tequila, 1800 Anejo is aged in small French oak barrels for over 12 months, with a small proportion of it aged in American oak for 3 years.

Winner of 2 spirit awards

World's Best Tequila - 2015
World Tequila Awards
Premium Añejo - 2015
The Tequila & Mezcal Masters (The Spirits Business)

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for 1800 Añejo Tequila
Tastes like a cheap and nasty mixto tequila
Has the same nasty antiseptic taste you get with supermarket cheap and cheerful Jose Cuervo reposado.

Doesn’t taste anything like real tequila, spend an extra £10 and go for something good like Don Julio anejo.

The only reason it gets any rating above zero is for the interesting bottle.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Couldnt open the bottle.
Tequellas good. But the bottle is terrible.

Tried to pour it. Just didnt work.
It was rediciously hard to get into Took an hour and a half with a hack saw to get into it. Couldnt get the lid back on as it destroyed the bottle. Had to re bottle it in a old wine bottle in the end.
Wesley , United Kingdom
2 years ago
I’m rating this as a novice to a lot of you chaps but I’ve had a few nice ones on the past but this kind of sticks of you know what I mean & I’ll be buying another bottle or two . Quilty taste for sure 😎
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Very good
Just venturing into the differtant tequilas and so far anejo does stand out for me as being the front runner
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Lower satisfaction than higher end, but drinkable nonetheless.
Definitely not as smooth as the Don Julio anejo, but as other posts mentioned, at $20ish less, it makes 1800 anejo worth while.
Just a g , United States
5 years ago
Slightly smoky, interesting
This is my first Añejo after a few quality Reposados. I can't say that this has won me over from the Reposado (yet) - I enjoy the actual fresh fruity/vegetal/grassy taste the way I enjoy pisco or grappa. But I am mainly a single malt drinker, so I know that more time needs to be given to each bottle. I drink from a Glencairn glass, no ice and maybe a drop or three of water (this is only 40% abv). I am only interested in quality sipping spirits (and this is one of them, no lime/salt for me) and I am not even into cocktails.

I am enjoying the first encounter, still tasting the agave but also a bit of smoke. I wonder if it's the char from the barrels or if the piñas were smoke cooked (vs. steamed) like with mezcal. Slight pleasant spiciness/bite/nip but no harshness (not solventy, no acetone/super glue notes you get with young bourbons). It's woody, but seems like the casks are of good quality - there is no palate-saturating heavy tannin astringency that you get if sipping a cheap blend (JW Red Label) that was aged in tired casks.

My rating of 4 stars is not due to any lack of quality but rather due to my lack of experience - I simply haven't tasted enough Añejos to compare. For the price IMHO this is a good value on its own merits. I'm sure there are better Añejos out there, for more money, which would score a 5, so 4 is a very high rating. And I would say that this tequila, in terms of quality and enjoyment, would be on par with an XO Cognac/Armagnac, a good mid-level bourbon and a 12-16 year old unchill-filtered single malt at 46%.
Master of Malt Customer
5 years ago
Highly oaked tequila
My first bottle of anejo and, to be honest, is very heavily oaked. The pepper agave flavour is somewhat obscured but this is a very smooth drop best taken neat or lightly chilled with ice.
Personally I prefer a good reposado or crisp blanco where the agave is more prominent but this is almost creamy in its mouthfeel.
Wily-quixote , Australia
5 years ago
Mmm kay
Bit oaky if you like that sorta thing, good enough to sip over ice so wasted on cocktails. Not bad but even though the heavy oak makes it smooth but imo it's overkill if you actually like your Tequila to of Agave.
Allan H , United Kingdom
8 years ago
After tryin 10+ Tequila samples this is on another level. it makes other tequilas seem tasteless and papery.. its sweet, so smooth, buttery and beautiful. the only thing I like to drink more is the 1800 coconut which is so delicious you'll find yourself getting very drunk very quickly. the best tequila by far. new to tequilas? try this. don't like tequilas? try this! want smooth and delicious? try this. it's the one. the finest spirit available. I'm gettin an 1800 tattoo x
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Btl gone in less than a month
This is the Smoothest btl of Tequilla I have ever tasted. Slips down shot after shot with no afterburn affect u get with other premium spirits of this % volume. Light smoky flavour that is quite palatable even witout the salt & Lime/Lemon. Take heed if you dont want a shashing time though, dont carry it by the wooden lid it houses the plastic lid & can without warning slip off.
Master of Malt Customer
11 years ago