Distillery/Brand Monin

Monin Sangria Syrup

Sangria, the perfect drink for a hot summer day. With Monin's Sangria Mix Syrup, it's even easier to whip up a couple of glasses of the classic Spanish beverage. With plenty of spices and fruits in the mix, all you need to do is add a splash of this to a glass of red wine, along with ice and fruits. Enjoy!

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Reviews for Monin Sangria Mix Syrup
Red Sangria
A restaurant I used to go to gave me a recipe of the items they added to this syrup that made it simply outrageously fantastic! Of course we also added our fruits for the extra appeal. Then it was time for white sangria. I ended up buying about 6 bottles and of course over the past few years it's gone and everyone wants the recipe. I can't give it away so I have to send them your address so they can order some syrup. Fantastic stuff!
Lorraine Y , United States
8 years ago