Monin Elderflower (Fleur de Sureau) Syrup 70cl

French Syrups and Cordials • 70cl • 0%
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Monin Elderflower (Fleur de Sureau) Syrup
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Distillery/Brand Monin

Monin Elderflower

Fact Hunt: The most powerful wand in Harry Potter is made of Elder wood, it is known as the Elder Wand. Perhaps there is magic in this thar Monin Elderflower syrup. Who knows. One thing is for certain, this syrup is made from all natural ingredients, and is free from fat and cholesterol.

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Reviews for Monin Elderflower (Fleur de Sureau) Syrup
Just Love this ❤
The Elderflower and Mocha Green Tea is amazing!
Lee , New Zealand
3 years ago
Does not measure up to their Orgeat. This is a low grade elderflower cordial that tastes predominantly of soap.
I would recommend Bottlegreen over this any day of the week.
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago