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Special Pisco

For those who venture beyond the standard Pisco offering, the 'Pisco Special' emerges as a variant that deserves attention and appreciation.

At its core, Pisco is a type of brandy made from distilled grape wine. Originating from the wine regions of Chile and Peru, it has seen centuries of production, evolving in style and character. However, Pisco Special, along with its close counterpart the Reserve, stand out in this category.

The nomenclature "Special" isn't just a marketing term; it denotes a superior, more concentrated flavour profile than its regular counterparts. Both the Special and Reserve styles are known for their clear birch to transparent colour, a visual marker that might belie the robust experience they offer upon tasting.

The first sip of Pisco Special reveals its most defining characteristic: a potent, full-bodied flavour. While regular Pisco can be gentle and grape-forward, the Special style amplifies the aromatic nuances and brings forth refreshing tones that are both invigorating and complex.

Subtly sweet, the Pisco Special doesn't overwhelm with saccharine notes, but rather presents a balanced sweetness that complements its aromatic profile. This subtle sweetness can often be traced back to the grape varieties used, with some contributing more fruity notes than others.

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