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Malt Spirit/New Make Whisky Samples

We are delighted to bring to you an extensive selection of 3cl samples of new make and malt spirit in collaboration with Drinks by the Dram, the creators of the award-winning range of spirits samples. This unique collection allows you to explore and taste the very essence of whisky in its earliest stages, offering a fascinating glimpse into the art of distillation and maturation.

New make or malt spirit is essentially the clear, unaged distillate that comes straight from the still before it undergoes the ageing process in oak barrels. These spirits provide a rare opportunity to taste the raw, unadulterated flavours of the ingredients and the distillation process before the complexities of ageing come into play.

Each 3cl sample from Drinks by the Dram is just a fraction of the cost of a full-sized bottle/ This means that these samples offer exceptional value, allowing you to explore a range of spirits without the commitment of purchasing a full bottle.

The appeal of new make and malt spirit lies in its authenticity and transparency, revealing the craftsmanship and skill of the distiller. It’s a journey of discovery, tracing the spirit from its origins to the final product. For whisky enthusiasts and curious drinkers alike, these samples provide an educational and enjoyable way to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the spirit.

As for the tasting experience, new make and malt spirits are known for their intensity and purity of flavour. You can expect a robust, grain-forward profile with notes of fruit, spice, and a certain rawness that is both intriguing and delightful. It’s a taste of whisky in its most primal state, a chance to savour the spirit before it’s transformed by time and oak.

In addition to the individual samples, we also offer Drinks by the Dram tasting sets, meticulously curated to showcase a variety of spirits, from different Scotch whisky regions to exotic and unusual distillates from around the world. These sets make for excellent gifts, tasting sessions, or a personal treat to expand your palate and explore the world of spirits.

So, dive into the fascinating world of new make and malt spirit with us, and discover the pure, unaged magic of whisky with Drinks by the Dram’s exquisite range of 3cl samples. No more buyer’s remorse - just pure exploration and enjoyment at your fingertips!

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