White Peak Cask Aged Rum 50cl

English Rum • 50cl • 45%
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White Peak Cask Aged Rum
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Country English Rum
Distillery/Brand White Peak Distillery
Style Dark Rum

White Peak Cask Aged Rum

Created from scratch in Derbyshire and made using solidified sugar cane juice imported from South America which is blended with molasses before fermentation, distillation, maturation and bottling at the White Peak Distillery. It all began when White Peak started year-long trials to create this rum back in late 2018, and the response from those that taste-tested the initial iteration proved they needed to see this project through to completion. Naturally, we are very glad that they did.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Smooth and fruity with lots of dried dark fruits and a gentle rounded silken body with lots of finesse. Sweet juiciness gives way to layers of complexity to give this a warming satisfying finish.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for White Peak Cask Aged Rum
we love this rum!
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
A delightfully pleasant surprise
Was looking for something new and always like to support new English distillers, although don't know how new these guys are to booze but they are new to rum. Was a bit miffed when it arrived as its only a 50cl bottle but on a second look it does say so my bad and on further research it only comes in that size so not quite the bargain I thought but, that still puts it at around £45 for a full bottle and very worth it at that price.
Its very light in colour like a light whisky than a rum which gives it a light fresh look and for those that like that kind of thing there's quite a bit of info on the bottle batch No. cask No. and bottling date as well as bottle count
The nose is all butter with a sweetness that's almost popcorn and a little ethanol its there but not over baring and if you let it sit for a while that fades quite a bit and then you get hints of vanilla and honey with floral notes and a fresh note that doesn't smell of them but somehow reminds me of apples but that might just be me.
The palate is more of the same butter hints of popcorn, honey, light floral notes and that strange non apple apple hint to start with a nice sweetness that although not over sweet is surprising and it state no added sugar. Its very smooth with a nice mouth feel and oiliness that coats the mouth well with a nice warmth but no burn despite it's 47ABV and there's a nice hit of bitterness I'm guessing from the oak at the finish which is not harsh or unpleasant and helps balance the sweetness. Now I'm no connoisseur of either but on a blind tasting if you said it with enough conviction you might trick me into thinking it was a whisky so maybe a good one for the die hard whisky drinkers to try.
Is it going to rock your world probably not it it overly complex demanding your full attention, no. But with enough going on and a generous ABV it's good enough to be an evening sipper but light enough to be a conversation drink where you don't have to concentrate on it either so a good one to have before dinner and to share and it will be interesting to see how or if it changes now the air can get at it
I recommend neat, I drink all my spirits neat but I really can't think of anything it would go with without being ruined, but each to their own.
And lastly if your into a cigar with your rum i'd stick to something light like a Hoyo de Monterrey or a Davidoff.
Would I buy again yes I think so. Would I recommend yes its certainly worth a try at the price although there are as good or better around that mark but the small bottle makes it no disaster if its not your thing
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago