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Sailor Jerry

(70cl, 40.0%)
Sailor Jerry

Awards for Sailor Jerry


Spiced Rum - 2014

The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business)


Spiced Rum - 2014

World Rum Awards


Rum - Spiced - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Spiced Rum - 2013

The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business)

Sailor Jerry Details

(Caribbean Rum)
(Sailor Jerry)

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Sailor Jerry Bottling Note

A spiced rum created by the famed tattoo artist 'Sailor Jerry' Collins. This is perhaps our favourite spiced rum, makes an incredible spiced mojito! The recipe was recently changed, and made slightly less sweet, but spicier.

We know that some of you out there aren't so keen on the new recipe. You can correct the flavour of the new version very easily by adding some dark sugar and vanilla essence to the bottle and giving it a good shake - it really does work!
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Sailor Jerry (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose has good sweetness with notes of vanilla spice, butter, oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger. The palate is dry and sweet with notes of winter spice and black pepper, toffee. The finish is long and crisp with oak and spice.

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    User Reviews of the Sailor Jerry

    Sailor Jerry

    I have a spiced rum at least once a week at night. But I just love sailor Jerry's.
    This has been the best spiced Rum I have ever found. Thanks so much, I'm having me a drink now.

    6th March 2015

    Smooth and full-flavored!

    My son tried Sailor Jerry Spiced rum and thought it was right up my alley with the spices, so he told me to put it in my egg nog cocktail. I mixed it with egg nog and poured in some Sprite for a little fizz, and it was a delicious, refreshing drink. My husband tasted it and was having a fit! He loved it.

    17th December 2014

    urban sailor

    everybody writes about some old Sailor Jerry recipe, didn't tried it, but i have tried this, it's very good, spicy and fruity, goes smooth when drank clean but it's very good for mixing (rum-cola etc.) extra i love bottle design it's very old school Don Nolan style...good price, take it on a weekend beach bbq trip with you! ;)

    5th September 2014

    A Happy Discovery

    I've been a sailor and a rum drinker my entire adult life, and having sailed for years in the Caribbean naturally developed a taste for rum, Barbancourt Five Star being the pinnacle - of course. However, I'd never tried Sailor Jerry, probably due to the fact I don't buy spiced rum.One experience with Captain Morgan's was enough... A friend just gave me a bottle of SJ, and it was better than I expected. Way better. With coconut water and a splash of bitters it went down nicely indeed, and changed my perspective on lower priced and spiced rums. I'm a new fan and would say to anyone; give it a go... you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    1st September 2014

    One of the best for the priçe

    Really one of the best aromatises rhums out there! Really like it. Fun for mohitos.

    18th July 2014


    I had been adding a touch of vanilla to it lately without realizing they changed the recipe, assuming my taste had changed to favour it a bit more.

    It's better that way. They should have left well enough alone.

    24th June 2014

    Return to the better recipe

    I discovered Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum years ago in a Weatherspoons in Leeds (Whilst on a stag do) on national pirate day. I tried it and fell in love, it was beautiful... fast forward years later and what have they done - it has lost what made it special - I can't bring myself to drink this, closest thing I've found is Lambs Spiced Rum, so i'll stick with that until they come to their senses and change this back.

    26th March 2014


    Has always been my favorite rum. Rum Howler cites Cruzan's Single Barrel as their best rum, which I agree with. However, as far as affordable, great quality Rum goes, Sailor Jerry beats them all. Kraken, Captain, Admiral are obviously all horrible. Sailor Jerry Rum, and the history that you experience with every sip, whether mixed or straight makes you wish you were sipping it sitting on a beach, or more importantly sitting in a chair getting new ink.

    9th March 2014


    I like it👍

    8th January 2014

    Too many Hipster Posts!

    Listen, the new recipe is fine and better than fine; not as overly sweetened, more subtle vanilla, and on the whole better balanced. A much more usable, less niche-y product. Try it.

    31st December 2013

    What a waste.

    Ruined. Loved it years ago... Now, it's awful.

    25th December 2013

    Mr R Campbell

    They really do have a nerve. If you don't like the new recipe, buy a bottle anyway and add dark sugar and vanilla essence. NO! I will buy a spiced rum I like. Why they cant produce both and call them, say Sailor Jerry 1 and 2 or Red and blue ETC I don't Know ? Till then I will leave Sailor Jerry on the Shelf.

    3rd December 2013

    Gone are the days

    Ican't drink this anymore, it's rather nasty

    15th October 2013

    Maybe it changed somewhere else or I'm too drunk to notice....

    But it tastes the same for me. I prefer it with Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry/Vanilla, but it's acceptable with Dr. Pepper 10. Haven't had a problem. Same buzz, same taste, and same awesomeness.

    19th August 2013

    When did it change? :/

    Ive always loved it, perhaps since i mix my drink I havent noticed it as much. But i have loved Sailor Jerrys for years, never knew the recipe changed.

    9th June 2013

    New recipe

    I drank the old recipe for years. It always reminded me of the holiday season with its spice. The new recipe was a jolt - very cherry. I won't be buying any more.

    18th May 2013

    The Kraken is better!

    If you like many don't enjoy the new recipe, try the Kraken, a stunning rum on its way up.

    6th February 2013

    Based on friends/family

    Like the old recipe? Google "Admiral vernon Old J" as the name suggests it is made based on the original Sailor Jerries recipe and for roughly £20. Unsure whether or not it is available outside the UK but search around :) Enjoy!

    19th December 2012

    Not Bad

    I have been trying different spiced rums for the past couple of weeks. This rum I bought tonight at 92 proof 46% alcohol by volume. It's spices are kind of mellow & not over powering. After mixing a total of 200 ml of this rum with iced tea and equal, the buzz crept up on me. I am satisfied, I am high and or buzzed. Now I kind of want to go to sleep. Give it a try, tell us what you think.

    20th September 2012

    The Admiral rules


    5th September 2012

    old j spiced

    loved the old sailor jerry and tried lambs spiced but i am now hooked on ADMIRAL VERNONS OLD J SPICED this stuff is probably as good if not better than the old recipe

    10th August 2012


    I had been buying the 26 for the last couple of months because they were outta 40's now I buy a 40 and it tastes like sh**. Not a fan at all. You nee to change the recipe back. I hate it now. It has an orange under tone like grand marnier. GROSS. Kracken it will be if you don't change it back.

    3rd August 2012

    The Sailor must return.

    Bought first bottle of Lambs Spiced today,as an alternative to Sailor Jerry,Been trying to tell peeps for the last year that Sailor Jerry has changed,nobody will beleive me,must expose them to this site!!!.

    22nd July 2012

    Wasting your time...

    They won't change it back. It was changed to streamline production and cut costs - easier to sell the US version to us (higher production run) than a more limited recipe as a UK only product. The current stuff is vile - no smell, virtually no taste and a horrid chemical after-taste. Wor Lass called it "spiced p***water". Even the new label is poor compared to the original.

    Fortunately, Lamb's Spiced is a very close second to the original recipe but not easy to get hold of - buying online is the only easy way to get it. However, another alternative is Vernon's Old J, which IMO is just a shade nicer than the original recipe SJ. Again, buying online is the only way to get it.

    17th July 2012

    There is an alternative!

    Disappointed Sailor Jerry fans should give Admiral Vernon's Old J a try....

    13th July 2012

    Nobody's listening...

    2 years now since they changed it and still no revert to the old recipe, or even selling both types which would obviously benefit their sales... but then perhaps thats because it'd prove how unpopular the new stuff is!? Why they can't bring it back I don't know? As far as I know it was a UK only recipe... imagine if they released it worldwide, they'd be rolling in it... but then never under estimate the stupidity of some people... I'll be trying other brands, will never buy this new stuff again! Did when it first changed, thinking it was just a new label (which also is crap compared to the old) and was horrified! Got another bottle for a birthday or Christmas and I still have them both like 2 years later... The old stuff wouldn't last 2 weeks!

    20th June 2012


    burn in hell new sailor on the dole and considering spending £100 on a bottle of the original Sailor Jerrys....what have u done to me!!!!!!!!

    13th June 2012

    New recipe

    The new recipe is nothing like the original rum - all of my friends have refused to buy it now, we have switched to other spiced rum - however there is now a new rum around called 'old j spiced' which tastes almost identical to the original recipe sailor jerrys! Every who loved the old stuff must must must try this!! Bring back original sailor jerrys and you will see us all instantly switch back to our good old faithful.

    10th June 2012

    Tastes like a**

    If you could bottle the flavor of the floor of a tattoo parlor that has never been swept or mopped, all the dirt, sweat, blood, tears... Sailor Jerry would be it.

    12th March 2012

    Kraken Rum is the new Sailor Jerry

    Go buy some Kraken Rum (In Sainsburys now!). It isnt the cheapest at £21/bottle but it certainly shows how poor Sailor Jerry has become. I was a Sailor Jerry fan. No more. They ruined it!

    22nd February 2012


    Completely and absolutely gutted that they changed it. Quite new to rum drinking - a friend introduced me to Jerry's (old style) which I loved. Year or so later went on to treat myself to a bottle and it's the crappy new stuff. Gutted.

    22nd February 2012

    want to try the old

    I like the new better the most rums.. But the old sound so Good. I think the limited edtion 100 year labels. needs old recipe in them.

    1st February 2012

    at home with no drink in hand..

    the "improved" sailor jerry will have gone past all expectations because its in all the shops/supermarkets,the old (much better) one could only be brought online from waitrose and one pub if you lived in the nottingham area..

    14th January 2012

    Sad times

    After drinking the old stuff by the bucket load I was disappointed with the newer apparently original recipe as it says on the bottle. Nasty. In fact it was that bad I gave 60 quid for a bottle of the good stuff of eBay a few months ago to reminisce. Christmas in a few days and thankfully today I found Lamb's Spiced in an off sales after months of looking everywhere after hearing everyone talking about it. Had never tasted it, but tonight I've had a couple of glasses and must say, it's good stuff. Not as good as the old SJ's, but better than everything else in shops. Thinking I'm converted. We'll see after these 2 bottles are gone

    23rd December 2011

    old recipe

    does anyone know if you can buy the sweet, vanilla sailor jerry on the internet?? that one was soo much nicer and I want it!

    23rd December 2011

    old recipe

    does anyone know if you can buy the sweet, vanilla sailor jerry on the internet?? that one was soo much nicer and I want it!

    23rd December 2011

    Jerry is rolling in his grave

    at this new recipe. it's horrible!! hate it!! you ruined my faviorate drink!

    14th December 2011

    Jerry is rolling in his grave

    at this new recipe. it's horrible!! hate it!! you ruined my faviorate drink!

    14th December 2011

    old is much better

    i came to jerry's late. fortunatly it was the vanilla lime version, it was lovely the nicest rum i've had, so when i finished the bottle and went to get another, the recipe had change and the new one was such a disappointment other spiced rums are exactly the same and even morgans is nicer! change it back befor you lose the gains you made with the good flavour.

    26th November 2011

    Vanilla & Lime

    The original flavour was Vanilla & Lime; the old recipe. It's not hard at all to transform the newer recipe and replicate the flavour of the old with just a hint of vanilla extract, a good squeeze of lime and perhaps a little bit of sugar ;-)

    11th November 2011

    sailed into the (marketing) sunset

    don't test market , don't explain, new sailor jerry,how to infuriate customers, then lose them : clever marketing or what!!!

    10th October 2011

    Forget sailor jerry , hello lambs spiced !

    Like everyone else I hate the new recipe and was gutted when it changed but now have discovered lambs spiced which is definately the new old sailor jerry


    21st September 2011

    Has gone from strength to strength since changing

    the growth of the sailor jerry rum has gone beyond all expectations since changing so most of these comments must be in the minority

    19th September 2011

    Commercial suicide

    It says something when I'd happily pay 100 pounds for an original recipe bottle than drink the new recipe as well as having 30000 fans on the petition page calling for the original drink to be released!

    17th August 2011

    Bring it back you muppets!

    Still in mourning for the old recipe....I have about 2 shots left in my last bottle :(
    The only good news is that Lamb's Spiced IS pretty close in flavour to the old Sailor but I have only ever seen it behind a bar in Camden once. I believe some off licences sell it and maybe Waitrose though.

    14th July 2011

    they must be mad to change such a great tasting product

    Bring back the original!

    26th January 2011

    Ruined a classic

    Bring back the original!

    8th January 2011


    Used to love drinking the old recipe, it really was a pleasure to drink and so unique. Why they changed the flavour I don't know and where they got their research from I dont know, but they have shot themselves in the foot, i'll be buying Lamb's from now on, NOT HAPPY.

    3rd January 2011


    Truly unbelievable that anybody associated with the manufacture and distribution of Sailor Jerry's could think that this 'new' recipe is some kind of improvement. It's not and more to the point, it tastes worse than its cheaper competitors - in my view to the point of being unpleasant. We were given a bottle of the new recipe for Christmas and its going down the plughole its that bad.

    2nd January 2011


    Yup... Loved the original, and now drinking Lambs spiced. I cant believe how utterly foolish the people at Sailor Jerrys are - I mean, if you change your product and NO ONE likes it... what IDIOT wouldnt change it back. For such bad business sense they deserve everything they are inevitably going to get, Ihope they have the grace to admit aforementioned foolishness and revert. Although I am not convinced I would return as a customer due to theit flagrant disregard for the customer and their opinion - they may as well be flicking the Vs at us. In fact, THEY ARE!!

    29th December 2010

    Sack them all!

    I'm not sure why they can't sell both. If I was on the Board of the Sailor Jerry parent company I would sack the marketing department for not doing this

    27th December 2010

    Please tell us why cont.....

    Its a pitty I cant spell pity...

    14th December 2010

    Please Tell US Why !!!

    Its a pitty someone from Sailor Jerrys cant spill the beans as to why it has changed. they must be mad to change such a great tasting product

    14th December 2010

    Shocking Decision

    Appalling departure from the orignal flavour. The new rum is disgusting and I'm staggered the company didn't do their market research before releasing it.

    8th December 2010

    Buy Vanilla Essence and Brown Sugar?

    I'd rather buy a better rum than correct this bad recipe. Put it right!

    30th November 2010

    Absolute Jok

    Used to be a favourite of mine. Won't touch the stuff now.

    30th November 2010


    New recipe is a disaster, what was an excellent flavoursome spiced rum has been ruined. PLEASE PLEASE lets have the original version back. I'm off to Lamb's as I hear thats very good and I'm petitioning Sainsbury's to stop carrying SJ

    11th November 2010


    Up until recently you could still buy the old recipe online..can't seem to find it anywhere!! I'm certainly not wasting my money on the new's horrible!!

    2nd November 2010

    Such a shame....

    When the original Sailor Jerry came out I was in heaven. Me and the missus got through a bottle a week between us - then they changed it and we don't like it! After month's of drinking Morgan's Spice as the (sadly) next-best alternative Lamb's have finally come out with Lamb's Spiced and it's gorgeous (and cheaper!) I hope it blows the new Sailor Jerry clean off the shelves. I'll switch back when the SJ recipe does and not before!

    17th September 2010

    sailor who?

    lambs spiced will be going up hugely in popularity all thanks to the people at sailor jerry who really should have done there research better. people loved the old recipe of sailor jerrys me included they should have left it well alone.

    9th August 2010

    Sad days

    This new rum lacks flavor, balance and depth. It also lacks any enjoyment factor. As to adding sugar and vanilla doesn't wash as this 'new' drink is light on the lime. I have to agree this is a bad joke, sad days.

    5th August 2010

    A parody of it's former self

    I'm a barman and the flavour change have actually ruined the menu.
    There was a bluebery daiquary with lime, vanilla gomme, funkin blueberry and the proper Sailor J. Ruined by the paler, chemical after tasting, cheaper to make bad rum. I was hoping it was a "Classic Coke" type publicity stunt. Haven't heard 1 good comment about it.

    5th August 2010

    bad joke

    yep them changing the recipe is just like telling a bad joke it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth

    22nd July 2010

    bad joke

    yep them changing the recipe is just like telling a bad joke it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth

    22nd July 2010

    boot leggers

    i loved the old recipe so much i was even going to buy one from ebay for nearly £40 now what does that say about the new swill that they have the cheek to call improved ?

    22nd July 2010

    Mutiny! Jumping ship!!

    The new recipe is just bland, nothing much different from other spiced rums!! Why did they change it!? If you liked the original recipe then I recommend you try LAMBS SPICED which is as close to the flavour of old Sailor Jerry's as you can get.... The Sailor Jerry's website have said the change is due to public demand and opinions of people at festivals, and the old recipe will no longer be available... People at festivals will say ANYTHING if they think they'll get a free drink, so that research was not accurate... So people, perform MUTINY and jump ship to Lambs Spiced.

    18th June 2010

    here oops

    why the change :-p

    2nd June 2010

    why the change?

    don't waste your time buying the new recipe ''we've listened to your feedback and tweeked the taste to suit our fellow spiced rum lovers'' absolute rubbish!! it was us who got you hear now listen good and revert to the old recipe for us real drinkers of sailor jerrys. idiots!!!

    2nd June 2010

    The end of perfection!

    the new recipe is revolting. they have tottaly destroyed something beautiful. norman collins would be turning in his grave.

    31st May 2010

    Foolish Change

    Buy another spiced rum, the new recipie is not a patch on those

    30th May 2010

    changed without warning

    new recipe is much like other spiced rum although morgans is now nicer,old recipe was unique and had a completely different taste to the new one.why oh why couldnt they leave it alone.i wont be buying the new one again.

    24th May 2010

    New Recipe = Vile

    This new recipe is absolutely Vile, the sooner first drinks listen and change it back the better!!!

    23rd May 2010

    Just tastes like generic spiced rum

    No-one I know who drank the old Sailor Jerry has anything good to say at all about the 'New Recipe'. Apparently more than one competing distillery have already had earnest talks at board level about back-engineering the flavour of the old recipe and launching it as a completely new product. What were William Grant thinking when they messed with this promising, emerging brand? Will make a great case study for this year's Marketing undergraduates on how NOT to do things.

    17th May 2010


    Older recipe was so much better! if only the people at sailor jerrys would listen to what people want instead of changing the recipe, which the majority of people i have spoken to prefer by far.

    29th April 2010

    post above

    you are referring to the old recipe I presume, the new one's vanilla taste is MUCH more subtle, and less sweet. Definitely prefer the old recipe.

    28th April 2010

    Vanillary Treat

    I was given this for Christmas and absolutely love it. A very strong vanilla scented rum. Very strong taste yet sweet when it rolls down the tongue. One which doesn't burn my throat surprisingly! Can be drunk straight or mixed with Coke, although I prefer it on its own personally.

    7th January 2010

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