Country Dominican Rum
Distillery/Brand Project #173
Style Flavoured Rum

Project #173 Smoke Chilli

Now, hear us out, this just works. The folks behind Project #173 are always pushing the boat out when it comes to pairing rum with all manner of deliciousness, and their Smoked Chilli Rum is no exception. The quality rum that lies at the base here has been flavoured with a fiery chipotle chilli maceration and cherry wood smoke! The result is a gentle, building heat that runs alongside big, fruity, rum and capsicum notes. A savoury spin from the Project #173 gang, it's got us in a BBQ frame of mind. We can imagine sipping this neat, over ice, while we burn our sausages. Or mixing with cola for a Cuba Libre with a kick!

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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Green, grassy jalapeños, with sweet notes of fruity red pepper and roasted tomato. Wisps of tasty BBQ smoke.

Palate Burnt caramel sweetness, with dried waxy pepper, and a warm, creeping heat that's tamed by a gentle sweetness of the rum.

Finish The chilli lingers, gently tingling your tongue, without overpowering the estery rum core.

Overall A rather brilliant combination! The smoke works here almost as an echo to heavily aged rums, and the warm chilli heat blends in brilliantly.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Project #173 Smoked Chilli Rum
I do love spices in general, but I wasn't expecting this drink to work as well as it does. It's absolutely delicious! The chilli feels tasty rather than overly hot. Recommend mixing with lemonade if you don't want it neat. My only complaint is the 50cl bottle is a bit small...
Sarah A , United Kingdom
one month ago
Weird but good.
This is a bizarre rum but strangely enjoyable. This is the sweetest of the 173 rums I’ve tried and has a warmth of chilli which is addictive.
Iain Martin , United Kingdom
3 months ago
Just the right chilli hit
Have tried this neat with a small amount of ice. Good quality rum and a lovely chilli aftertaste without being overpowering. Will be a a nice rum to sip in front of the fire during the winter (provided we can afford to turn it on)!
Colin S , United Kingdom
one year ago
For chilli lovers
Lovely chilli flavour, not overpowering and just the right amount of heat. This will warm your insides up but not in a hot and spicy way. I get a long aftertaste of chilli and no alcohol burn at all. Surprisingly very moreish. It reminds me of Gin Bothy Chilli liqueur which I tried recently but in a rum version.
Carl M , United Kingdom
one year ago